The Kokoda Walk

A Trek with History


The Kokoda Trail, located in Papau New Guinea, is a single-file foot thoroughfare that is 96 kilometres in length that is famous for being the site of a vigorous battle between Australian and Japanese military forces in 1942. The track starts at Owers Corner in Central Province 31 miles east of Port Moresby and then crosses rugged and isolated terrain, which can only be traversed on foot, to the village of Kokoda in Oro Province. it reachs it's peak height at 2,190 metres {7185Ft} around the peak of Mount Bellamy and it's lowest at Ua'Ale Creek at 300m {980Ft} The Challenge of walking it is usually completed in 4-12 days but has been known to be completed in 1-3 days by local villagers.

An Inspirational Walk

The Story of a Brave Woman

Chloe Palmer-Simpson is an Australian woman who was involved in a car crash that injured her head, stomach and leg to such an extent that she was fighting for her life. After being admitted to the hospital, her wounds began to heal and she was told that she would be out in 9-10 months. She was out of hospital in three. But shortly after she was given a challenge by the hospital: Walk the Kokoda trail in Papau New Guinea. The doctors and nurses at the hospital where she was treated where walking the Kokoda trail to raise money for their Trauma center. They asked her to join the expedition, and she and her dad accepted the challenge. A few days and 96 kilometres later, they were finished. Chloe and her father had completed the Kokoda trail.