HHS Library Newsletter

November 2013

Visitors and Circulation

Student Visitors: 560

This figure does not include whole classes that have utilized the library this month, student quickly exchanging books between classes, nor teachers coming for assistance throughout the day.

Monthly Circulation: 215

Days included: November 1- November 29 (17.5 Days)

This does not include students who have used library or my personal materials for leisure reading.

November Dates To Remember

November 19 - Library CLOSED

November 26 -- Early Release

November 27 - December 1 -- Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2 - School resumes at normal time

December/January Dates To Remember

December 17-20 -- Finals

December 20 -- Early Release

December 21- January 5 -- Christmas Break

January 6 -- Classes resume at normal time

January 20 -- Student Holiday

January 30-31 -- Hill County Fair

Nov books

Things to REMEMBER!!

  • The Library is available for use by all classes - just contact me! :-)
  • Don't forget to like the HHS Library Facebook page!
  • Professional materials are available for check-out.
  • DON'T FORGET to send your students with Library Passes!
  • I will begin sending fines lists soon. Any help you can give will be appreciated. :-)