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December 16, 2022

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Sherlock ...family of Sarah, Ingrid and Greta Allison!

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We have way too much in the lost and found. Have you student check or parents, if you'd like to check the lost and found items you may come before or after school.

It's available to check BEFORE 9am or AFTER 3:30pm

EVERYTHING REMAINING AFTER 12/22/22 will be donated.

Spirit Week is next week!

The countdown to winter break is on! Student Council created a Spirit Week for December 19-22
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From Mrs Sparacio, our am Kindergarten teacher...who's returning to Emerson in January....

I have a random favor to ask for school… I am working hard to get ready to come back to school in January and excited to do a gingerbread man theme! This year, I am having the gingerbread escape but rather than just escaping through the school I’m hoping to get letters & postcards from around the country (even the world) to further student learning. :)

I was wondering if you would be willing to reach out and ask any family or friends that are living in various areas to send letters to school that I can share with the class having the gingerbread man doing something that is funny or unique to their state or town… For example sunbathing at the beach or hiking through the mountains or ice fishing… or visiting a tourist attraction like Disney World, etc.. if they live around here it could be something as simple as taking a train to the city, going to a Bulls game or going to Starbucks for a cake pop… You name it … any idea would be wonderful!!

Ask people to please write “gingerbread” on the back of the envelope
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Referral GPS - Mental health and substance abuse treatment services

District 200 has invested in a service to further support a culture of well-being for students, families and staff. Referral GPS is a service that provides assistance in finding local mental health and substance abuse related treatment resources. This service compliments the district's existing systems of support as a tool for Student Services Teams and families to connect with treatment. Along with a searchable database of treatment options, ReferralGPS provides Care Navigation to assist families in triage and appointment setting. School district families and staff may access ReferralGPS in two ways:

  1. Contact a member of our Student Services Team (social workers, psychologists, counselors) to seek out treatment options

  2. Visit this link at https://referralgps.com/find-help/CUSD200 to search for treatment resources or connect with a Care Navigator anonymously

The platform has the ability to filter by mental health concern, clinician gender/specialty, location, and insurance acceptance. The service is available for all types of private and public insurance options including PPO, HMO, Medicaid, and families that are uninsured or underinsured. ReferralGPS is available for use by district students, families and staff at no cost. All information entered on the ReferralGPS tool is completely confidential and securely stored. Please note, this service is an optional resource available by choice and is not mandatory in any way. If you are interested in seeking counseling-related services at this time, please consider reaching out to the Student Services Team or visiting https://referralgps.com/find-help/CUSD200.


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From the nurse

5 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays

Savor a serving of the foods you really love.

Here’s your recipe for staying on track no matter what’s cooking.

1. Holiday Hacks

  • Have pumpkin pie instead of pecan pie. Even with a dollop of whipped cream, you’ll cut calories and sugar by at least a third.

  • Break physical activity up into smaller chunks so it’s easier to schedule, like walking 10 minutes several times a day.

  • Schedule some “me” time every day—a nap, dog walk, or hot bath to get your energy back for the next celebration.

  • Have a small plate of the foods you like best and then move away from the buffet table.

  • Start with vegetables to take the edge off your appetite.

  • Eat slowly. It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realize you’re full.

2. Fit in Favorites

No food is on the naughty list. Choose the dishes you really love and can’t get any other time of year, like Aunt Edna’s pumpkin pie. Slow down and savor a small serving.

3. Keep Moving

Being active is your secret holiday weapon; it can help make up for eating more than usual and reduce stress during this most stressful time of year. Get moving with friends and family, such as taking a walk after a holiday meal.

4. Get Your Zzz’s

When you’re sleep deprived you’ll tend to eat more and prefer high-fat, high-sugar food. Aim for 7 to 8 hours per night to guard against mindless eating.

Most of all, remember what the season is about—celebrating and connecting with the people you care about. When you focus more on the fun, it’s easier to focus less on the food.

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  • Thank you to those that participated in the dine out at Chick Fil A on 12/14! We appreciate your support!

  • Thank you for participating in the PTA Raffle at the Pancake Breakfast! There are still some unclaimed prizes. Check your tickets! If you have a winning ticket, contact Veronica at 408-504-7083 with a picture of your winning ticket and to set up a time to pick up your prize!

    • Yoga By Degrees: 491246

    • Flower Painting from DuPage Art: 491077

    • DuPage Framing: 490993

    • White Sox Photo: 491238

  • In addition to bringing some joy to the teachers and staff lounge, we asked the Teachers and Staff for their Wish List of items for their classrooms. Please drop off items to 501 Westwood Drive. This list will be updated on a continual basis and items are not due until items are fulfilled. Thank you for your help! WISH LIST

  • We are looking to spread some joy to our teachers and staff during the last week before Winter Break:STOCK THE TEACHERS' LOUNGE Please drop off donations at 501 Westwood Drive (near Graf Park) by December 18. There will be a plastic bin out labeled Emerson. Questions?! Feel free to ask below or email saramallen80@outlook.com.

  • Find all of our meeting, event, and fundraiser information in our 2022- 2023 PTA Calendar

  • Connect with Emerson parents on FACEBOOK.