Oil and Gas Industry

Where to setup Headquarters : By Alan Nguyen


Houston is a good area to setup headquarters because of the large workforce, lots of refineries, lots of companies to trade with, and good ports to ship out stuff. Houston has a very large population of 2.24 million people, so there are lots of people to hire. And the population is growing more and more. Also, Texas has many refineries. We can make them or hire refineries and there are plenty of them to go around. Thirdly, there are a lot of companies in Houston. You need to not only trade with other states or countries, but you need to trade with other companies too, and Houston has plenty of companies to trade with. Finally, Houston has many ports. We will need to ship out our stuff to states and countries, and ports will be needed. And Houston has many good ports to ship stuff out. In conclusion, Houston is a good choice because of it's large work force, abundance of refineries, lots of companies, and good ports. Making Houston a good candidate.

New Orleans

New Orleans is also a good candidate for a place to setup headquarters because of The great port, the Mississippi, and lots of oil refineries. New Orleans is a huge port and better than the port in Houston. Meaning we can ship more stuff efficiently than in Houston. Also, the mighty Mississippi can be accessed in New Orleans. The Mississippi is a major river that is popular for a trade route, meaning trading can be much easier along the Mississippi making it a good plus for New Orleans. And New Orleans has refineries, along with Houston, New Orleans has quite a few oil refineries in the city. Because of New Orleans, the Mississippi, and the oil refineries, New Orleans remains as a good option for the place of a Headquarters.

Which is better?

Between Houston and New Orleans, the better out of the two is Houston. While New Orleans has the Mississippi and a great port, Houston has a bigger population and more companies to trade with. Houston not only has 6x the population of New Orleans, but is growing at a much faster pace than New Orleans. In fact, New Orleans dropped in population in the 1960s. Although it is growing now, it is not fast enough to take over Houston's population any time soon. And Houston has more companies to trade. Trading can help increase a companies money. Houston has way more companies in it's area than New Orleans, making it better to settle there. In conclusion, New Orleans is great, but Houston is better due to the population, and companies to trade with.