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Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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On January 16, Martin Luther King Day honors Dr. King's legacy, as he dedicated his life to the nonviolent struggle for racial equality in the United States. Dr. King saw himself as a servant of humanity, and he wanted his life to be remembered as a life of service to others. Link to learning activities for Martin Luther King Day.

In Art Club with Mrs. Flo, students created artwork inspired by Dr. King. The drawing above was made by Neelu N, grade 5.

Harvesting Radishes

Last Fall students planted radish seeds in the MEA garden, and now they're harvesting the radishes!

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Got a Healthy Recipe?

Calling all Mt Everest families! We are embracing healthy eating on campus and would love your help! Have a favorite healthy recipe? Two? Please email them to Ms. Barb Mulvany at bmulvany@sandi.net or bring into the MakerSpace. Next month we’ll be creating some of these yummy creations for all to try out! Thank you!

The Great Kindness Challenge

January 23-27

Mt. Everest Academy will be taking part in the Great Kindness Challenge next week, January 23-27. The week will be devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible. Our school is already known for it's friendly, welcoming environment, and now we can make it even better! To get a head start on next week:

Contribute Kindness Quick Writes!

Complete or answer 3 of the following prompts:

  • When enough people participate, kindness can.....
  • I can show kindness to someone in my family by.....
  • List 3 actions that can be kind AND fill a bucket for someone.
  • How could I include an act of kindness in my routine each day for the rest of my life?
  • Someone once did an act of kindness for me, and it made me feel......
  • Do you believe kindness in contagious? Why or why not?

Please turn in your handwritten responses to the library by Friday, January 27. Contributions may be included in a Monday Message and all participants will get a prize!

Links to Research Studies & Articles on Kindness

1 - Acts of Kindness Journal Prompts

2 - Acts of Kindness: Key to Happiness for Children & Teens

3 - Brains can be trained in compassion

4 - For those with social anxiety, acts of kindness may be therapeutic

5 - What we get when we give

Lunch Concert

Skyla Wheeler, grade 11, played piano and sang at last week's lunch concert. Her lovely voice drew students, parents, and staff into the auditorium, as she effortlessly moved from one beautiful song to the next. If you missed her concert, here are two of the songs from her performance:



To learn more about this very talented young lady, her website is www.skylarayne.com. Enjoy!

MEA Astronomy Researchers Present Papers 1/28

Saturday, January 28 / 9:30-1:00 / Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Library

The MEA Astronomy Research Seminar is sending nine MEA students, two parents, and one MEA teacher to a local symposium at the Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Branch Library on Jan. 28th from 9:30am-1pm where they will present research papers they worked on over the fall. Seven of the MEA students earned credit from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo by participating in the seminar. The seminar was taught by MEA parent Kent Smith and MEA teacher Norm Negus with generous educational support and funding provided by Pat and Grady Boyce of Boyce-Astro <http://www.boyce-astro.org/>.

Team Gamma Ray Burst (Schuyler S., Norm Negus, Ben S., Randy S.), Team Pulsar (Greta V., Hilde V.), Team Quasar (Galileo R., Nathan H.) and Team Rocket (Skylar L., Josh G., Sophie R., Ally S.) each selected and researched one or more double star systems. They collected multiple images of their star systems with remotely-controlled imaging telescopes located in Spain and Australia, and then gathered measurement data from the images using astrometric software. The data then formed the basis of a scientific paper. The MEA teams, along with teams from Grossmont College, Miramar College, The Cambridge School, and Westview High School will present their results at the symposium. Their papers are being peer reviewed with the goals of publication in the Journal of Double Star Observations and the inclusion of their data into the United States Naval Observatory's Washington Double Star Catalog. The symposium is open to the public; all are welcome to attend.

Link to a few pictures of what students are researching

Food Drive


Thank you to everyone who has been bringing in food for the food drive!! We appreciate your contributions as everyone continues to support this very important event!

Next time you go to the grocery store, pick up a few cans of vegetables or fruits. This can help out so much for a family in need! Thank you!

PALS and MakerSpace Schedules

PALS Schedule Change!

Beginning January 17th PALS will be offered 9:00 - 10:30am in the MakerSpace (Room 7). During this time, only PALS participants will be using the room for tutor/student focused study.

MakerSpace Schedule Update!

Beginning January 17th, the MakerSpace hours will be Tuesday-Thursday, 9:00am- 2:30pm. It is reserved for PALS each day from 9:00am-10:30am and available for reserved class and individual making activities from 10:30-2:30pm.


Academic League Staff vs. Student Match!!

Thursday, January 19 / 12:00-12:30 pm / Auditorium

Come see the friendly competition as our staff dares to match their wits with students in our Academic League! Everyone is invited to come enjoy the intellectual scrimmage! FREE PIZZA!

“Spiritual Diversity in Education”

Friday, January 20 / 9:00 - 12:00 / Cafeteria

Ms. Deb Mech is facilitating Spiritual Diversity in Education which is open to all parents, students, staff, and community members. This workshop is a fully inclusive whole-child / holistic approach to tolerance and understanding and fully aligns with our mission of equity and integrated health and wellness. Light refreshments will be served.

Click here for an informational flyer

To RSVP or for more information, please contact Ms. Mech at dmech@sandi.net.

(Grades 3-6) Cabrillo Intertidal Explorations (Tidepools)

Friday, January 27 / 2:00-3:00 / Cabrillo National Monument

The program starts at 2:00 pm, please plan to arrive by 1:40pm. This is a 3rd-6th grade program about the variety of life in the rocky intertidal zones. A park ranger will be guiding us through this exploration.

Please see Mrs. Becerra in room 12 to sign up and reserve your spot.

San Diego Whale Watching Trip

Friday, February 10 / 10:00-1:00 pm / H & M Landing

Adults: $19.00 (cash only)

Students: $15.00 (cash only)

Note that the deadline to pay has changed!

Please plan to pay and reserve your spot by Wednesday, January 18 with Norma in the front office.

Questions contact Erin Becerra ebecerra@sandi.net

More information: https://www.hmlanding.com/whale-watching-trips


Please find the most up-to-date extracurricular activity schedule here. If you would like to lead an extracurricular class, please contact cbrowne@sandi.net.

Winners for Climate Change Art Contest

Drumroll, please! The Environmental Club would like to announce the winners for last month's Climate Change Art Contest: Neelu and Adira Rosen.

Congratulations! Your prizes will be awarded to you this week.

Click to see a larger view of the artwork

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Enrollment Workshop for Community Colleges

Monday, January 23 / 12:00 noon / Room 6

SENIORS! If you are planning on attending Mesa, City, or Miramar community college in the Fall make sure you attend the admissions workshop on Monday, January 23rd at noon in the computer lab. A Mesa admissions representative will be here to assist with online registration, steps to enrollment, financial aid, scholarships, as well as transfer information. Parents are welcome to attend also. Lunch will be served. Please make sure to RSVP through Google.

PSAT Results with Mr. Zappala

Tuesday, January 31 / 12:00-12:30 / Cafeteria

Mr. Zappala is holding this assembly to review PSAT results with students that took the test last October. Come learn how to interpret and use the PSAT scores. Parents are welcome. FREE PIZZA!

PSAT results are available now in Mr. Zappala's office.

9th grade families: Meet with Mr. Zappala

February 6-24

In February, Mr. Zappala is offering conference times to 9th grade students and parents that would like to discuss their 4-year plan. Appointment times are available from 8:00 am-3:00 pm, Feb. 6-16 and Feb. 21-24.

Click to schedule your 60-minute appointment


As Mt. Everest Academy offers students the “flexibility to pursue your passion,” our school has many students that are doing just that! To share your child's special activities in the Monday Message, please send an email to Linda Ele at lele@sandi.net. Thank you!

APCD 2017 Calendar Contest Winner

Marti C., grade 4, submitted her artwork to a calendar contest for the County of San Diego Air Pollution Control District (APCD), and her design was selected for the May 2017 page! The APCD supports communities and organizations that align with their mission to improve air quality to protect public health and the environment. Click here to see Marti's winning entry!

MEA Students to attend Camp Enterprise

Dohyun L. and Dejah N., 11th graders, will participate in Camp Enterprise in March 2017. Dohyun and Dejah will be 2 of just 90 students from around the county who will participate in a series of panels, presentations and group discussions that teach students about the free enterprise system by working on a team to create their own business from start to finish.


YMCA Aquatic Positions

Dive Into a Great Job!

YMCAs near you are training and hiring lifeguards, aquatic instructors and swim coaches. Give them a call or email them if you are interested!

Website: http://www.ymca.org/get-involved/join-our-team/aquatics-team.html

Recruitment flyer

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