Mrs. Zickert

Kindergarten - Deerfield Elementary School

May 12-16, 2014

This week we continued to talk about the farm and also learned about chicks and ducks. We watched a great Youtube clip showing a real chick hatching from an egg. The kids were mesmerized!

We also continued our alphabet countdown this week with hat day, ice pops, jokes, a kindness activity, and lunch with the teacher! M day will be on Monday with "mis-matched clothes" day. I can't wait to see those crazy outfits!

Reading & Writing

We unit 8 which focuses on working together
We will be learning all of the unit 8 words in the next week so that they can be reinforced prior to report card assessment time. This week we learned the words "come" and "then." These words can be found on the hot pink cards.

Other reading concepts included:
*vocabulary words "assist" and "challenge"
*discussing lists (when they are used and why)
*learning about the structure of a story and how the author organizes his/her words
*making predictions about a text
*5-star writing about the farm
*daily journal writing


Math skills for the week included:
*number gymnastics (changing place value within numbers: 13 to 31, etc.)
*introduction of the $1 bill
*Dollar Bill Game (rolled a special dice marked with one cent and 10 cents to accumulate enough money to trade for a dollar bill)
*daily reinforcement of addition and subtraction

Upcoming Unit...

Our next unit will be:

Classroom Helpers...

Calendar: Jacob

Teacher Assistant:

Hand Sanitizer: Arden


Equipment: Emmerson



Star Of The Week

Our last star of the week will be next week!
Then our first grade teachers will be the stars!

What's Coming Up In Kindergarten...

May 19--M--mismatched clothes
May 20--N--note to next year's teacher
May 21--O--outside day
May 22--P--pajama day
May 23--Q--quiet reading with your favorite stuffed animal

May 26 No School---Memorial Day