Trip Hawkins

By: Griffin Morelock

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Early Life

Trip was born on December 28th in Pasadena, California. When he was young he realized how a lot of people were using TVs. Trip thought TVs needed to be more interactive. So after going to Harvard University He had the skills to create what he wanted.
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Former Job and The Starting of EA

After graduating Trip started working for Apple as the Director of Strategy and Marketing. He never got to bring any of his idea to life at apple, so in 1982 he quit and started up Electronic Arts, one of the worlds top gaming developers.

First Madden Football Game Released

In 1988 EA released Madden Football. The Madden series Is the Most successful football game to date. EA Sports is created to make all sports games developed by EA.
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Other Major Titles Release

In 1999 Medal of Honor is released, In 2002 Battlefield is released, In 2007 Mass Effect In released, In 2004 Need For Speed was released.

Trip Creates New Company

Digital Chocolate was Created to put games on mobile devices in 2003.
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Trip Leaves EA

In 2012 Trip leaves EA and goes to Digital Chocolate.

Digital Chocolate

A company that creates educational apps for children. One of there newest apps is "If You Can"

EA's Newest Titles