Life In The South

African Southerners

Free Africans

These poor people were mocked by whites, saying blacks shouldn't be free because they can't take care of themselves. Slave owners didn't want any part of free Africans because they said they were a horrible example. They were feared the free Africans would help their slaves revolt. So they convinced the government to pass a new southern law saying and free African living near a plantation must move away or become enslaved.

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Enslaved Africans on plantations

These Africans are forced through hard labor on big farms. Adults work out in the field, cutting wood, clearing land, planting seeds, and harvesting the crops. Children work outside also, gathering chopped wood, and pulling weeds. Teens do the same as children, but work 12-14 hours a day. They work for money to buy freedom, but hardly get a penny a day for all their work. If they revolt, mess up, or do anything wrong, they will hear and feel the crack of a whip.

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Enslaved Africans in cities

These slaves were more lucky than plantation slaves. They hardly worked.They were mostly women because they were practically just house maids and nannies for the owner's children. They lived their life as if free. They were also whipped much much less. The owner fed them every day just as if they were family to the owner/owner's family.

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Slaves Resist