Aquatic Policy Coordinator

Ocean and Coastal Policy Coordinator

What does an aquatic policy coordinator do?

An Ocean and Coastal Policy Coordinator's job is to work with federal agencies to make sure that their laws a policies comply with those of the Ocean and Coastal Policy managers.

Work Conditions and Activities

An Ocean and Coastal Policy Coordinator spends a lot of time in side at a desk or in meetings. They do, however, get to spend some time outside observing different oceans and coastal areas. They also get to work on a lot of projects. The projects can range anywhere from researching wave energy development to a new waste water plan.

Equipment used

Education, Salary, and Advancement Opportunities

Education: To be an ocean and coastal policy coordinator you need a strong background in science and in how the government and and governmental programs work.

Salary: The salary is $40-60,000.

Advancement Opportunities: There are many opportunities to advance in this career field.

Pros and Cons

  1. You get to interact with a broad range of people.
  2. You get to learn a variety of new things on a regular basis.
  1. Although this job has a lot to do with outside, you have to spend a lot of time in side.
  2. You have to sit in a lot of meetings.

Current need

There is a current need for coastal and ocean coordinators because there are always ways to improve policies with our oceans and coast lines.

Why is it necessary?

An ocean and coastal policy coordinator is necessary for many reasons, here a just a few:

  1. To talk to federal agencies about policies pertaining to the ocean and coast lines.
  2. To create new ways to protect the oceans and coast lines.
  3. To help people understand what they need to do to help protect oceans and the coast lines.

Want to learn more?

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