Nurturing a Culture of Thinking

Tracy Clark | Session 2.0 Hill Country Christian School

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TPACK & What we know about tech/instruction

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What does redefinition look like?

The numbers...

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 4: Fly to Paradise

8,409 Videos
5,905 Singers
101 Countries

Eric Whitacre (composer); Virtual Choir 4; Guy Sigsworth (producer/electronica/keyboard­s)

How might we leverage technology to provide opportunities for students to think, create, collaborate, reflect...?

Lesson: Inherited Traits vs. Learned Behaviors

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Activity: Inherited Traits vs. Learned Behaviors

  • Find a partner
  • Use your iPad or computer to take a selfie
  • Talk with your partner about what qualities, characteristics, traits you see in the picture and determine whether those are inherited traits or learned behaviors, include What makes you say that? Why you think they are inherited/learned.
  • Then talk with your partner about the qualities--etc. that you cannot see in the picture but you know are there--(for example, strong writing skills...) What is your evidence of those skills?
  • Use the seesaw app--any options within the app (or even bring a photo/video in from another app) to make your thinking around these concepts visible.
  • Reflect: Which aspects were most challenging to identify as learned/inherited?

Reflection: What role did technology play in this activity?

Activity: 8 Cultural Forces

  • Use the blank boxes to reflect on the cultural forces at play in your learning environment
  • Choose one or two to focus on
  • What changes in these areas could you make to encourage metacognition? What makes you say that?

Learning Design

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Activity: Lesson Design

1. Click the link below and make a copy of my Visible Thinking Lesson planning document

2. Work with your table or independently to plan a lesson with the concepts we have discussed in mind

3. Please reach out to your supports around the room (me, Kristie, your peers) as we think through designing lessons with opportunities for students to make their thinking visible in mind

Do you remember this from last time?

Illustrations by Mary McLain
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Extension Activity: How would _____ be different if ______

  • Select one of the animals at your table.
  • How would that animal be different in the past? What makes you say that?
  • Use the SeeSaw app to make your thinking visible about your animal.
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What is at stake.

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More Resources

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Visible Thinking Site

Visible Thinking Routine Cards

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Graphic by Johnathan Brubacker- inspired by Tim Holt, SAMR Model from Dr. Reuben Puentedura


Tools to Explore

8 Cultural Forces

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