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Week of January 25, 2016


Math- This week we will learn about weight and volume using the US Customary System. It is helpful for our kids to see real world examples. You can help with this at home by using everyday objects (i.e. "Do you think this loaf of bread is about 1 pound, or 1 ounce?", or "What unit would I use if I wanted to measure how much water will fill our bathtub?"). By Thursday, I hope to start discussing area and perimeter. On the pre-test, many students already showed some knowledge of this! I love that they used what they knew about area models for multiplication and applied it to this!

Writing - This week we will start building evidence to support our claims. We will use personal experiences, knowledge that we already have, and also gather evidence by researching, surveying, or interviewing others.

Science - Science will be put on hold this week as we focus on Social Studies.

Social Studies - This week we will study the many different ways that we make regions in the United States. We will also compare our region to another US Region.

Reading- This week we start our 4th Reading unit, Interpretive and Analytic Reading. The first concept that we cover will be interpreting complex ideas in texts. Our students will learn strategies that focus their attention to lessons their stories teach. You can reinforce this at home by asking you what lesson was learned during an episode of "Jessie" (or something similar)!

Teacher Notes

4th and 5th graders ski free in Michigan!

In case you didn't know...

What's the Buzzzzzzz....

The PTA is proud to sponsor the First ever National Geographic Geography Bee for Northwood Elementary! Open to 4th and 5th graders to be held at Northwood Thursday, January 28th after school. Meet in the Art Room at 3:30. The test will begin at 3:45. The stakes are awesome: Each state champion will advance to the national championship, scheduled for May 22-25, 2016, in Washington, D.C. The Bee will pay the transportation and accommodation expenses for the state champion. On Monday, May 23, contestants will be divided into groups to take part in the preliminary competition. Ten students will advance to the final competition, held May 24-25. The final competition will be televised. Check the Nat Geo Bee website at for broadcast information.

Final round contestants will compete for the following prizes:

First place: a $50,000 college scholarship, lifetime membership in the National Geographic Society, $500 in cash, and a prize trip to a National Park

Second place: a $25,000 college scholarship, and $500 in cash

Third place: a $10,000 college scholarship, and $500 in cash

Seven runners-up: $500 in cash for each runner-up

For more information and practice tests go to:

To sign up please contact Karen Farnell at

Math Homework and Remembering Pages

Save this Link! This is a PDF of all of the "Homework and Remembering" Pages. If Fido eats your child's homework, just print off a new page!

Shhhhh... don't tell the students kids, here is a link to the answer key too. This is a great resource to help you check their work each night.