ICX Team Moldova

Newsletter #4


Hello ICXers!!

I hope you feel excited and motivated, we're almost in our MATCHING peak of this semester. Also, because soon you'll have new members in your departments and we need to ensure the retention of the members in which OC Recruitment worked so hard to have them ready for you, so, do you have already prepared the JDs of your TLPs? TLPs have already done the JDs of your TMPs?

Don´t forget about Team Minimums and how this is part of the Leadership Development in AIESEC, also, having each activity clear will help them to understand which direction they have to take.

Also, this weekend we had a lot information downscaled from IC, at the ICSummit and another points in ELM that MC and LCs discussed in order to work as one AIESEC in Moldova and allign our strategies to the Culture of Achievement!

Our Q4 just started and I'm pretty sure that this year is full of new challenges but also full of new big satisfactions. Remember exchangers, the only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary. So let´s think outside the box I want to really hear "I Can" Don´t accept excuses, even if they come from yourselves. You Can

Keep it up!


Rosaura, MCVP ICX

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Opportunities on the System

Exchangers, we're getting into Matching Peak (yay) how are your matching strategies going? Do you need help to have all your Opportunities on Match?

Yes, I know the first step is having your Opp in Open. In this step, I want to remind you that all the opportunities open on the system will be subject to the new Financial Model that will be choosen by the LCs in a few weeks. This sharing revenue will be delivered at the end of each Q. Also, you will have National Auditories in order to ensure the quality of the opportunities we're creating.

Let's see step by step how National Auditories will work in the LCs.

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1st. Auditory - From Draft to Open. & Payment of the OPP ( Manual attached below)

I will check the information on the TN, EACH and EVERY space has to be filled completely and clearly in order to pass to OPEN. This will ensure the Quality in the TNs and with this, we will have more chances to engage the EPs to our proposals.

I attach a brief Manual of what does a TN in the system has to contain in each space.

Please read it and take that in consideration. Remember the less gaps it would has, the less time it would take to be on OPEN ;)

Regarding the Payment, (the model and amounts are still under process) it has to be done to the MC Account in order to put the OPP in OPEN. But, for this peak, of course the procedure will be different, because operations can't be stopped and we have a lot of work ahead. For this peak the payment will be at the end of the Quarter, take this in consideration, and for each TN opp. You, (VPs) have to send me a document saying that you´re aware of this change and the financial model that will involve our ICX Flow & Process (doubts, we can have a meeting or write me by mail )

2nd. Auditory - Satisfaction Surveys & Legal Documentation

I'll ask from you your Satisfaction Surveys, from all your stakeholders ( TN Takers, Trainees, poeple involved in the projects as kids, students, etc.) This process of creating Satisfactions surveys will be mandatory, with this information, I'll create the statistics of the Quality of our projects as AIESEC in Moldova, and each peak and project I'll be measuring your growth regarding quality.

Legal Documentation. I'll make a previous checklist of the documents from the trainees you need to have in order to not be eligible for fines. In the next Newsletter I'll set all the documentation required for National Auditories.

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Don't worry, It's a new process, but remember I'm here to clear all your doubts and help you to increase the quality and results in your activities.

so, let's start!!! Send me all the Links of TNs to my mail (rosaura.sanchez@aiesec.net) you need to get approved in order to audit them and change them to OPEN! Remember attach the letter mentioned above.


October, Match MEEEEE!!
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October has arrived, that means, autumn, leaves, orange trees and MATCHING PEAK!

I'm looking forward to have all the opportunities in OPEN on the system and start our Matching Parties ;)

Remember if you can have those OPPs in OPEN before 10 October we can add them to the National TNs Booklet that we're going to promote on EuroCo. What are you waiting? Let´s match them all!


Afganistan Situation. (Message from MCP about MATCHING EPs from Afganistan)

I hope you are doing great and wish you a happy Eid in advance.

With this email i would like to ask all European & North American entities' MCPs to forward this email to your ICX MCVPs, LCVPs & your LCPs.

As the MC of Afghanistan is not approving any random EP to go for exchange to European & American countries. We do not have good experience of EPs going to these countries since they are escaping afterwards and not coming back to the country.

We allow only trusted people and trusted alumni to use this opportunity and without permission of MCP, no one is allowed to go to these countries. It has responsibility and as well as we do not want to cause problem for your entities and countries. Therefore, i'm kindly requesting you all to not accept any EP until you have approval of MCP.

Thanks for your understating.

Enjoy your term !



AIESEC in Afghanistan


I know all of you were waiting to this point because is the last of the Newlsetter ;)
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My dear network, I hope you have an amazing day and enjoy everyday the tasks and activities you're doing, in AIESEC and not in AIESEC. Enjoy the weather, your family, your friends, AIESEC and don´t forget to be awesome in all these fields!


Truly yours,