by:Eva L.

How do Hurricanes Form?

Hurricanes form over really warm water (80F or more) and the atmosphere must cool off very quickly the higher you go. Next, the wind has to be blowing in the same direction and the same speed to force the air upward from the surface of the ocean. After, the wind flows out ward above the storm which allows the air bellow to rise. This force is needed to create a spin in the Hurricane. Finally, the Hurricane is born.

Q: What Current Machines are used to Predict Hurricanes and how do they Work? What Current Mchines are used to Predict Hurricanes and how do they Work?

People predict Hurricanes with computer models. These computer models predict the amount of storm surge that will affect the coastal area. These are called Slosh models they take the storms strength, how the ocean shallows, its path, and the lands shape. Last, it calculates the amount of storm surge the Hurricane might cause. Another way is through weather satellites. Weather satellites photograph the clouds from high above the earth. It look at the clouds to see if they can become Hurricanes.

What are the negative effects of a Hurricane?

There are many negative effects of Hurricanes. One of them is huge floods that could drowned farm animals which keeps people low on food, and Hurricanes can also cost up to millions of dollars. In addition, the storm surge can destroy the coast line by pulling the sand and rocks into the ocean. Surprisingly Hurricanes can also cause tornados. Also, the strong winds can pull shingles of roofs, rattle windows, and snap branches. Last the strongest Hurricanes can blow down trees, move cars, and even move mobile homes.

What can we do to Prepare for Hurricanes?

There are many ways to prepare for a Hurricane. One of them is to watch and listen for Hurricane warnings, and to put strong wood boards on your doors and windows. Likewise if you live 15-20 miles from the beach you should have Hurricane insurance. Another way is to have food and water stored, and cut large branches of your trees. Last, you should have a Hurricane kit with a battery operated radio, batteries, water containers, first aid kit, tin food, dust mask, and a blanket.