Reflections and Translations: December, 2015


  • Happy Finals Week! Winter break is almost here...
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  • Here are some updates from R&E on final exams: Scanning help, Assessment Reports, and a note about Performance Band Descriptors
  • We are looking for teachers to join us in providing semester 2 PD and creating curriculum resources. If you are interested, apply to the posting CUR-CT16-396 by this Thursday.

CPM Teacher Tip of the Week

Week 18:

One way to start a new year (calendar or school), semester or chapter is to make a commitment and concerted effort to try something new. If you have not used teams consistently, make a commitment to do so. If you have not used team roles, try them. If you have not used a study team strategy, try one.

An easy place to start is with Reciprocal Teaching. Have each student find a partner (it could be their elbow partner or someone from another team). One member of each pair pretends that the other was absent and explains something that they learned today. Then have the partners switch roles. This is great for vocabulary review. When teaching someone else, students are able to consolidate their thinking.

You have established good classroom norms from the very beginning, but you must continue to revisit them throughout the year. Remember:

• Have a team member read the problems aloud to the team.

• Circulate. Circulate. Circulate.

• Face the class as much as possible when talking with a team. If it is a quick check-in, it is ok to have your back to the class, but if a team is going to need a minute of guidance, position yourself in such a way that you can still see the class.

• Get down at eye level to communicate.

• Talk to the whole team even if only one student appears to need help.

S Start promptly.

P Peer support expected within each team.

A Assignments due each day.

R Respond to teams rather than individuals.

C Circulate. Circulate. Circulate.

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Middle School Math Field Day

Saturday, Feb. 20th 2016 at 8am-12:30pm

2101 Granger Avenue

National City, CA

Please note: Some Math Field Day events will be added and revised to reflect changes in Common Core Standards and to encourage collaboration and thoughtful problem solving.

Many of our favorites will still be there:

24 game, Battleship, Equate, Win-Lose-Draw, Tri-Team Attack...More details are on the way!

Start thinking about putting a team together for practice in January and February! For more information, you can contact Mimi Williams or Robert Davis.

NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Annual Conference

The 2016 NCTM Annual conference is in San Francisco this year! The event includes a research conference as well as regular conference sessions. They also offer group discounts for 5 teachers or more.


Featured Speakers and Schedule Overview

Math Curriculum Team

Katrine Czajkowski (Math curriculum specialist-High School)

Mimi Williams (Math curriculum specialist-Middle School)

Carla Jacobs (Special Education Support)

Ivette Sanchez (SEI and Bilingual Support)