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Featured Topic: Special Effects in Vocal Tracks

Module 14: Real Life Numbers and Royalties *DUE Sunday, May 15
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2) ASSIGNMENT: Module 14.3: Special Effects Assignment

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Special Effects in Vocal Tracks

There are so many ways to add special effects to a song these days. Sometimes going back to the basics can add just the right amount of awesomeness that your music may need.

One effect is Distortion. Distortion can add energy to vocal track. One technique is to double the vocal track and add the distortion to that second vocal track. This will give control over the original dry track and the distorted signal, and any desired sound can be mixed in however you like. Cool sounds can be achieved by using IK Multimedia's AmpliTube, Line 6's Amp Farm, McDSP's Chrome Tone, or Bomb Factory's SansAmp, or simply for adding a tube preamp sound. A good example is the Deftones "Change (In the House of Flies)." This special effect truly adds a subtle, creepy dimension to their song, which makes it pretty cool.

EQ is another technique used. Eqing can add a whole different dimension by adjusting the EQ on a few words or to a meaningful word or phrase in the lyrics. It may be so subtle that the listener may not hear the change but they can "feel it."

Delay and Reverb are probably some of the most used techniques. This again can be one to phrase or specific words in the lyrics. Unmuting a delay effects loop could add interest in a vocal track by creating emphasis on a particular word or phrase in the listener's ear or by creating a type of dreamy state of mind. For example: the last verse in The Beatles, "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" ...The girl with kaleidoscope eyes ... Reverb is added to let that phrase linger in the listener's ear, create a dreamy picture of Lucy, (plus it went well with the group's movie, Yellow Submarine); great imagery. Also Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" perfect reverb!

Below are some examples using these techniques. he first mp3 is a portion of a song that includes the instruments in the mix. The second mp3 has only the vocal parts soloed using layers of delays, reverb, EQs, and distortions mixed with the lead and harmony vocal tracks.

MP3 #1: Rock vocals with music

MP3 #2: Rock vocals soloed