Walk Two Moons Symbolism

By Pat Deely

Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons is about a 13-year-old girl named Sal who is on a road trip across the country to see her mother. Along the way she tells a story about Phoebe and the adventures they had together.

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons Sharon Creech uses symbolism to add more meaning to the story.


In the book Walk Two Moons one symbol that is used multiple times was hair. Sal tells her dad that she wants to cut her hair while her dad was looking at a old family photo album. He tells her to keep it long. When Ben's hair smelt like grapefruit Sharon Creech mentioned it because Ben's smell was a fresh change in her life. (pg 49) When Mrs. Wintterbottom came home with her hair cut and styled it changed how the reader felt about her. This represents Family and change; Sal is all her dad has left of his wife and he doesn't want her to change.


Another symbol was blackberries. The first time blackberries show up is when phoebes mom asked Sal if she wanted any blackberry pie and Sal said no because it reminds her of her mom. (pg 22) Also it reminds her of her moms blackberry kiss. (pg 122) Sal kisses trees and she says all of them have a faint taste of blackberries (pg 122) At the end when Ben and Sal kiss he said "was it just me or did you taste blackberries." This represents love. It represents love because normally you kiss people you love and you always love your mom. Blackberries give the reader a better understanding of the love in the characters life