I am now on the mission field! Recovering from food poisoning the first day in the country, I am now up and running. There is so much to do this trip. I am delivering food, clothes and school books to the two orphanages plus ministering in many areas. I had to change my phone number here in the country for safety reasons, Anyone who has my old number for this location please do not call it.

I want to remind you all to pray for the 39 pastors and underground leaders who are still imprisoned. We speak "the voice of the jailer is silenced and they are set free in Jesus' name"! We are looking to see God's Glory manifest in their lives. The head of the country's government can change his mind about imprisoning Christians; therefore, be in agreement with us. God is working!

We are still expecting to see an unwed mothers home to manifest as well. This home will protect these women from the forced abortions and sterilization.

Other prayer in the country, and the Anointing to be present during ministry to bless in healings and salvations.

I am excited about what God is doing in this trip and I know God's Vision will manifest by prayer. I so do appreciate you taking time to pray and be in agreement with me on these matters. After all, these matters are God's matters, and unless we intercede, His Will cannot take place!

The prayers and finances from my partners are crucial. Is God is pulling at your heart to do so to accomplish His plans for these people? Every seed sown is spiritual and is credited to your spiritual account. It is an incorruptable seed, Glory to God! Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and finances!

Send us your prayer requests , we would love to hear from you!


Sandra Bell


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