The Roar

By: Emma Newell


The Roar is about two kids that are twins, Mika and Ellie, and the have amazing powers. I think that they have the powers because they were of the first group of kids born in more than thirty years. To me that was a big part of the explanation of the powers.

What Mika would bring on a vacation...

Mika would bring what ever his mom would pack for him, she is a big packer. "Mika watched her lay everything out in neat piles: sandals, shorts, sunglasses, and swimsuits, all with their tags still on." Mika would bring his sisters holopic of mountain lions because they make him feel at home and help him remember his "dead" sister. "...Mika had forgotten Ellie's holopic of mountain lions, and even though they'd struggled up the stairs and had nearly reached the roof, he insisted on going back for it." He would also bring extra food for the trip to the vacation incase they got hungry. "They put their luggage in the middle between their legs and Asha got out the box of sandwiches..." Most importantly Mika would bring his amazing powers on the trip. "The light appeared and he gently tried to drag it to the left. ... For over a minute he tried until suddenly he felt a tug between his eyes and the marble as if they were connected and it slowly rolled an inch to the left."