4D Classroom News

September 9-13, 2013

Classroom News

It's hard to believe, but we are already starting our 4th week of school! Below is a summary of what we've been doing in the classroom:


We have been working on getting the Writing Workshop up and running. Students are now using their writer's notebooks and have been collecting writing ideas and entries throughout the past week. This week we will continue with the Writing Workshop, focusing on developing good writing habits and meaningful writing ideas.


Last week students learned how to "buzz" with a partner about their reading. We also studied fiction and nonfiction genres, undertaking quite a big task of sorting our own classroom library. Students became more familiar with the books in the classroom and gained exposure to a variety of different genres. This week we will transition from reading to self to reading to someone. This will be yet another option that students will have during the literacy block. As a reminder, while students are participating in the Daily 5, I will be conferring with students, working with strategy groups, or meeting with guided reading groups.


Students recently completed a spelling inventory, which gives me more information as to their particular needs in this area. I am using this information to plan further instruction related to spelling and word study.


We are just wrapping up Chapter 1 in Singapore Math on Place Value of Whole Numbers. We will review the chapter on Tuesday (today) and will have a test on Wednesday (9/11/13). The next chapter will focus on Estimation and Number Theory.


Last week we conducted another experiment using the scientific method. Each student formed a hypothesis and designed a paper airplane to test it. This week we will finish our lab report related to this experiment and discuss our conclusions.


  • Final MAP Test (Math) - Thursday, September 12th
  • Laptop setup day - Friday, September 13th
  • Chusok - No school September 16-20
  • Next Library Day - Monday, September 23rd
  • DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) - September 23-27. I will be meeting 1:1 with each student in order to learn more about their reading ability.
  • United in Prayer Day - September 25th
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences - October 3rd and 4th

Room Parent

I am still searching for a Room Parent. Please kindly consider our need. This role can be shared between two people as well. Our classroom parties and other fun activities are dependent upon this role being fulfilled. The PTA has started a blog that will give you more information about the responsibilities. Please contact me if you think you would be able to help!

You can access it at this site: http://sfsespta.wordpress.com

1:1 Laptop Program

Dear Parents,

This week we are beginning the Grade Four 1:1 laptop program. Primarily, we will be setting up the laptops for use for the school year. Students will be putting the typing software on and setting up the school printer so that they can print when needed at school. 4D is scheduled for laptop setup on Friday, September 13th. If students will be using a parent owned laptop, it's very important that they have it at school by this date. Please make sure that all cords and cases are labeled. We will slowly integrate the laptops into our curriculum after Chusok, making certain that students understand the basics and expectations. The laptops are there to enhance our learning in the classroom and will be used as a logical extension of learning. We will maintain a healthy balance of activities in the classroom.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. You can reach me via email at molly.deboer@seoulforeign.org


Ms. DeBoer