AT Update

March 27, 2015

3rd Grade Math

This week, we have been completing our fraction and decimal unit. Students worked hard to compare decimals, convert from word to number form, and to find equivalent decimals. We finished up this week with our chapter 7 test.

4th Grade Math

This week, we completed a PARCC review packet and began Chapter 8. We are working on converting with mass, length, and liquid volume within the metric system. We use the phrase: King Henry Doesn't Usually Drink Chocolate Milk to remember the order of the units in the metric system.

AT Reading

This week, students completed lesson 12 in our reading series. We worked on making conclusions or generalizations, tone, questioning, and author's word choice. We began our next student led project--"How to". Students have chosen something they always wanted to know "how to" make or do. Topics range from making Chick-Fil-A nuggets to surfing! We will continue these after break and present them to the class.

Spring Break!

Have a great week of relaxation and play next week! See you on Tuesday, April 7th!