The Kaubin Chronicle

Elizabeth Haddon School - Haddonfield, NJ

Reader's Workshop

By: Will, Gabe & Alec

This month is our last for our normal Reader’s Workshop routine. Most of 4K is upset, but we’re happy. We are happy only because that means we don’t have as much activities in the day, which makes it longer. This moth we have a longer time to work on our Choice Board, and the activities are more involved and we're meeting with our book clubs more. We really like book club. In book clubs, each group is reading a different book and all the books are SO GOOD! The books are...

Feathers - dramatic, but great.

Al Capone Does My Shirts - exciting and interesting!

Indian in the Cupboard - exciting and mysterious!

Dear Mr. Henshaw - different because it's written as journal entires and also exciting!

In reading, we read books before Choice Board and Book Club. Last week, we read The World According to Humphrey. It's about a classroom pet hamster named Humphrey who acts like a student. It's a great way to use personification! He even takes tests! We think it made everyone want to read it (Will already read all of the Humphrey books!). We also read a book about Sacagawea and her journey in the West. We learned about Lewis and Clark and how they explored a path to the Pacific Ocean. It was interesting!

We also have a Choice Board Goal every week. If you were wondering why your kid was coming home with a homework pass sometimes, that’s why! When we achieve our goal, we each get a homework pass. We think it's a great way to skip 1 homework assignment when you’re too busy. Our Choice Board Goal is normally in the 100's, like this week it was 118 Activities. One time, we didn't achieve our goal, but our activities had good enough quality to earn a homework pass! Reader’s Workshop is normally at the beginning of the day after Morning Meeting, but sometimes we have it after the second activity of the day. WE LOVE READER’S WORKSHOP!

Mrs. Kaubin Says: Students have begun work on their Memory Books-recounting various academic milestones, fun memories, and exciting projects from our school year together. Keep an eye out for it!

Writer's Workshop

By: Matt & Jack W.

This month in writing we worked on writing about the American Revolution. First, we researched. Then, we wrote. Our first chapter is about the background of the American Revolution. Our second chapter was about our focus topic. Our third topic was a narrative, or a BIG MOMENT in our character's experience. Our fourth chapter will be an essay.

Some of the topics were George Washington, Battle of Trenton, weapons, Crossing of the Delaware and soldiers. If you were writing about George Washington, you pretty much write about everything.

We just got finished our third chapter. Now we're about to start our fourth chapter. We can't wait till the celebration. See you there!

Mrs. Kaubin Says: Keep an eye out for your child's jam-packed Writing Portfolio that will be sent home soon, too. It is my hope that your child leaves Fourth Grade feeling like a capable, creative, and excited writer!


By: Vladi & Jack T.


“Give me a harder problem Jack."

"You are really good at math, it’s not my fault."

Hello parents! Have you been wondering about 4k’s math? If you have, then this is for you. In math, we have been learning about area and perimeter and then we learned how to convert decimals to percents. There was this paper our teacher gave us, and we had to survey people. The project is called "The Average Bulldawg". We came up with the question, "How many sport’s teams do you play for?" Then, we gathered data from people all around our community and made a bar graph. Then, we calculated the percents and decimal. It had a lot of steps, but it was pretty easy. We have also been playing Jeopardy! It is really fun because you get to choose how many points the class should go for and then we start playing. If you get it right, you get the designated points. Whoever has the most points wins. We think it's such a fun way to review all the stuff we learned this year!!


  • Family Member: "Where are you going?"
  • Student: "... in the ocean."
  • Family Member: "Not until you tell me what 8x7 is..."


By: Jeff & Matthew

This unit we learned about motion & design. We all got partners and worked in groups of two. We built cars made out of knex.

The first lesson was we had to use washers with a string to make the car move. The way we did this was, when the washers fell and pulled the string which was attached to the car which pulled the car and with a certain amount of washers the car would start to move.

Later on we tried using rubber bands to make the car move. There was a certain method to do it and some kids got it and others didn't. Jeffrey's kinda moved and (mine←Matt) and Matthew didn't move a lot. The one that moved the most was Gabe and Alec's.

We got a book to kinda help us to figure out how to move it with the rubber band it also helped to put it together. You had to use only what you were given, and at one point we got to build our own car but then we had to destroy it.

That's all for this month in science!

Social Studies

By: Cammy & Holly

Check out the videos below for some of our stops throughout the Midwest, the Southwest, and the West! Ask your student what this is all about!

Community Meeting

By: Paige & Maya

A few weeks ago we had our May Community Meeting! It started off with a greeting, we shook our neighbors hands. Guess what? 4K sang up front about the states and capitals! Since we are learning about the states and capitals in social studies we decided to sing about it. We sang a song called Wakko's 50 states and capitals song. The song listed every state and capital in the U.S.A.! We knew the song by heart but some of us had scripts to help us remember the song!

We also talked about the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. Our school's goal to read 345,000 minutes over the summer! We hope that we meet our goal so our school can have an all school reading retreat! We did not meet our goal last year but we are excited to meet our goal this year! Our school is so excited to read this summer!

We hope you enjoyed learning about the community meeting!


By: Maddie, Olivia & Keelan

Planting, weeding, tasting. These are all things that we do in the Elizabeth Haddon community garden. We went to the garden to plant. We got to plant and weed. When we went to the garden, we tasted food like salsa and pickles. We planted different herbs. Our class has it's own garden bed. We found many worms and filled 2 trash cans with weeds. Mackenzie and her mom made the best salsa ever!! The tomatoes were so good too!!!! Eating healthy is good and nutritious!!!

Open House

By: Luca, Kaite & Emme

The Elizabeth Haddon open house was awesome! We shared some of our favorite projects there. Some of our favorites projects were our coiled pots, our fraction traits, and our scrolls. We enjoyed making the scrolls because we learned how to write a proper essay and we worked very hard on them. We really enjoy open house because we get to show our parents all the fun artwork and show them all the projects we’ve done throughout the year. And the best part about our coiled pots was being able to take them home after we showed them to are parents.

We also got a sneak peek for next year to see the fun projects we were going to do. We got to see other classes and learn about other subjects or activities going on in other grades. It was pretty cool. You also got to see what are siblings were doing in their classes. We got to bump into friends too. It was super fun.

Everyone enjoyed it. Here are what a few people said, Emme said, “ The Open House was Super Fun!” Matt said “Everyone in 4K did good with their writing. And the kindergarten did good with their stories." Jeff said, “It was good I had fun.” Charlotte said, “I liked looking at all the classrooms.” We liked the fifth graders monsters like the Gary from Spongebob or Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Overall we really enjoyed the open house. It was super fun. We can’t wait for 5th grade!

NJASK Science

By: Charlotte & Mackenzie

We walked into the classroom, our desks were in rows not in tables like they usually are. The whole classroom was filled with desks , we knew what we were doing. We were taking the NJ ASK .The class went silent, the test was about to start. We sat down at our desks and got ready for the test. That included getting two pencils and the packet. The teacher read aloud the instructions to us; we started. There were four parts. The first part was multiple choice. The other three parts were multiple choice with one open-ended question. We had fifteen minutes to complete each part and had breaks in between parts. NJ ASK was not as bad as we thought it would be.

Pet Photo Contest

By: Clare & Giulia

Good morning/afternoon! I’m Giulia and she’s Clare, and we're here from Student Council to let you know about our latest project. In April, we had a Pet Photo Pick. You could enter your pet’s photo in the drawing for one dollar, and voting for the picked pictures cost $0.25. All the money went to the Camden County Animal Shelter. There were over 60 photos submitted, but only 20 were picked for voting. You could vote for any of the 20 pets for $0.25, as many times as you wanted!

Voting took place at lunch time, but kindergarten and pre-k don't have lunch, so the student council representatives who were the classes’ representatives brought the 20 pictures to their class. The 1st place winner of the contest got a $10 dollar gift card to Petco. The 4th place winner was Pep the potato, 3rd place was Derby the dog, 2nd place was (we're not sure!), and the first place winner was… Cocoa the puppy!

We raised a lot of money for the animals in need at the Camden County Animal Shelter, and the next fun project is… Spirit Week!

Things to Note

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It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with your student and your family. Thank you for welcoming me in to your child's life and entrusting me with your child's education!

As I am consistently looking to improve my craft, I would appreciate your opinions about our year together. Please complete the survey below at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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Spirit Week: June 6 - June 10

Monday – Superhero Day

Dress as your favorite superhero, or make one up!

Tuesday – Decade Day

Dress as your favorite decade: 50’s, 60’s, 70’s… maybe even into the future!

Wednesday – Crazy Hair Day

Wear your hair in a fun and unusual style!

Thursday – Clash/Mismatch Day

Mix plaids with stripes, clash your colors!

Friday – Olympic Multicultural Day

Show your USA pride or show your love for a place far, far away!

Next Week's Highlights

Monday, 6/6

  • Day 2: Library, Health

Tuesday, 6/7

  • Day 3: Spanish

Wednesday, 6/8

  • Day 4: Chorus

Thursday, 6/9

  • Day 5: Spanish, PE

Friday, 6/10

  • Day 6: Music, Art

Coming Soon

5K Run and Fun Walk, June 4

Community Meeting, June 13

Move Up Day, June 14

End-of-the-Year Writing Celebration, June 14

Town Meeting Report due, June 15

Field Day, June 15

Lip Sync, June 16

Awards Assembly, June 17

Last Day of Fourth Grade, June 17

Report Cards Available, June 17