Weekly News

January 15, 2016

100th Day of School

Our 100th day of school is Monday, January 25th. To help celebrate this day, I would like to encourage your child to wear a shirt with 100 items on it. You can get an old t-shirt and add 100 pom poms, buttons, or wiggly eyes. You could even add 100 stickers.

Your child does not need to participate but I thought it would be something fun to do for those that wanted to.

Take Home Books

Just a reminder that Take Home Books are due each Friday. We were missing quite a few today.

Star Student

Our Star Student is Ethan!

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Subject: Recess

Favorite Animal: Dog

If Ethan could go anywhere on vacation, he would go to New Bern, NC. (He likes to fish).

Ethan thinks he is special because he is smart and a good friend.

Do you ever find yourself saying "Hurry up?"

I came across this wonderful article this week about slowing down and enjoying the time we have with our children while they're young. I thought I would share it with you.