The best writing

T.Stewart 1


My name is Torrin, I am the shortest person on my basketball team. I hate seafood, vegetables, and fruit. But I love junk food, also I go to a Henrico county public school. I have three dogs and one bird. Also I hate to watch golf.

About me

Im writing this because I want to share parts of my life with others. I think my writing portfolio would benefit me by letting me see my classmates and letting them see mines. Also by letting my teacher see it as well.

Play basketball and go to school

I am like a bird on the inside because I am shy.

I am like a Cheetah on the outside because I am always active.

"Good things come to those who wait'' - American proverb

What i liked about my essay

My strengths and weaknessess are trying to explain the reader to agree with me. I like that you could pick what you wanted to write about. Also i would change the topic i wrote about to The fastest basketball player award. That is what i think of my persuasive essay.