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October 2016: Don't be scared to ask about these tech tools

Autumn is Here!

As the leaves change colors and the temperature drops a smidgen, we can finally enjoy some beautiful weather and the pride of football season! And by now, you may have run across a cool technology tool, or heard of one from a friend or relative. We tend to get excited about new things, and sometimes we forget about the things we already have. This October Tech Tips Smore is dedicated to the wonderful instructional technology tools that we already use around Channelview. If you have any questions or need some assistance with these tools, just let me know. I'll see you around the district!


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District Wide Programs

Blast Foundations K-2

Blast Online is a teacher presentation tool that eliminates all the time consuming set up and brings your reading intervention lessons to life. This interactive teaching tool is the web-based companion to Blast Foundations and can be used with an interactive whiteboard, LCD projector, tablet or standalone computer.

Blast Foundations is designed for struggling readers in grades K-2 and is a phonics and phonemic awareness supplemental program with hands-on multi-sensory and manipulative based instruction.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to school districts large and small, rural and suburban and everything in between.

Accelerate student achievement in your district by capturing the minds and imaginations of students with the fascination of Discovery, tapping into students' natural curiosity and desire to learn.

Discovery Education offers a portfolio of opportunities for districts to meet students where they want to learn in the digital age. With award-winning digital content, interactive lessons, real time assessment, virtual experiences with some of Discovery's greatest talent, classroom contests & challenges, professional development and more — Discovery is leading the way in transforming classrooms and inspiring learning.

Watch the following video to get an overview of the Discovery Education organization and our philosophy.


Individualized. Automatic. Fun.

IStation helps students grow with it's all-in-one educational technology. Istation Reading curriculum delivers student-driven instruction for use by students in grades Pre-K through 12th grade.

Students start with Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP), a computer-adaptive assessment, and captivating characters guide students through ISIP measures current skill levels and provides teachers data to drive instruction in early and advanced reading skills. From Amelia Chameleon to Calvin Cool, Istation Reading’s engaging cast takes students on unique learning experiences. Whether it’s with reading or writing instruction, students grow with personalized learning paths tailored to meet their needs.

A large collection of teacher resources takes the guesswork out of differentiating instruction. Educators get quick access to an extensive library of supplemental lessons, passages, and materials linked to specific student needs and goals, so students make even greater gains! Thorough, relevant reports are available online 24 hours a day for teachers, administrators, and parents.


Accelerate Learning, in conjunction with Rice University, has created the most widely used PreK-12 science curriculum in Texas, STEMscopesTM — and it’s now available nationally. It’s the teachers favorite science program and now serves more than 1.4M students.

STEMscopes is a digital science solution for PreK through 12th grade students offering three core curriculum programs, STEMscopes K-12, STEMscopes NGSS, and STEMscopes Early Explorer. Born from the lab and penned by the hands of expert teachers, STEMscopes has always had its ear to the ground, taking in feedback, best practices, and the latest pedagogy to develop the most effective STEM curriculum. Each curriculum is supported by STEMcoach, a professional development portfolio offering a free STEM community that allows teachers to share best practices and lessons while learning from experts in the field, embedded professional development within the program, and onsite launch, advanced & coaching and mentoring sessions.

STEMscopes Login:

Accelorated Learning:

STEMscopes 2.0 State Edition Video:
Introducing STEMscopes™

Studies Weekly

Studies Weekly helps foster intelligent, independent and compassionate problem solvers. Studies Weekly has a comprehensive curriculum, with state specific standards, cross-media engagement, assessments and teaching tools, critical thinking content and questions, and is created by teachers.

This weekly magazine curriculum teaches the same information as a textbook, but in a colorful, illustrated format. To stay current, these publications are updated annually to cover state content standards and provide relevant information. This is so much better than outdated, expensive textbooks.

Beyond that, Studies Weekly’s online version of the curriculum brings learning to life with primary source videos, audio files, photos and so much more. This media, combined with the attractive print format, creates an emotional engagement that feeds critical thinking skills development. Studies Weekly will help us teach social studies the way we’ve always wished we could.
Bring History to Life with Studies Weekly

Think Through Math

Think Through Math helps students in Texas grades 3 and above develop higher order thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing them for success on the STAAR exam, as well as a smooth transition to college or a career.

Transform the way students learn and think about math with an award-winning, adaptive instructional system that delivers proven results.

Inspire confidence in every student with on-demand 1:1 support from online certified math teachers.

Empower teachers to effectively support each student's unique learning needs with actionable, real-time performance data,

Motivate students in unique ways that build more than just math skills, through individual, classroom, and charitable goals.


Teaching students Computer Science & Computer Programming Workshop for Teachers Workshop


Saturday, November 5, 2016



14705 Woodforest Blvd

Houston, Texas 77015

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Dec. 5th-11th

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*Campus Based Programs*

Brain Pop & Brain Pop Jr.

In classrooms, on mobile devices, and at home, BrainPOP engages students through animated movies, learning games, interactive quizzes, primary source activities, concept mapping, and more. Brain Pop covers topics within Science, Math, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music, Health, Reading, and Writing.

We are also home to GameUp, an educational games portal for the classroom; Make-a-Map, an innovative concept mapping tool powered by Ideaphora®; and “My BrainPOP,” which lets teachers customize assessments, incorporate gaming into instruction, spur meaningful reflection, and keep track of learning. BrainPOP Educators offers professional development and an array of lesson plans, video tutorials, graphic organizers, and a rich curriculum calendar.

BrainPOP: "How do I get started?"

Fastt Math

FASTT Math is a for all students in Grades 2 and beyond, both those who are accelerating their acquisition of math facts as well as those who are struggling to catch up. FASTT Math’s adaptive technology creates an individualized learning progression for every student, and embedded assessment ensures math fact mastery. Students will be enthralled by our 18 NEW games, and educators will appreciate how easy FASTT Math is to implement. Progress monitoring couldn’t be easier with NEW Student and Educator Dashboards.


IXL is an immersive K-12 learning experience that provides comprehensive, standards-aligned content for math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Learning A-Z

Learning A-Z believes that teachers know their students best.They also believe that when given the right resources to inform and deliver effective differentiated instruction, every student benefits. With an extensive collection of incredibly powerful and flexible curriculum resources, Learning A-Z's products fill the gaps identified in various learning environments. Without limiting their creativity, innovation, or individuality, we help teachers to provide the impactful instruction their students need to thrive.


- Raz Plus

- Reading A-Z

- Raz-Kids

- Headsprout

- Science A-Z

- Writing A-Z

- Vocabulary A-Z

- ReadyTest A-Z

Reasoning Minds

Reasoning Mind is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that develops effective and engaging blended learning math programs for elementary and middle school. With Reasoning Mind, students are engaged, teachers are empowered, and technology is leveraged to provide a first-rate math education.
Reasoning Mind One-Minute Overview

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange is a wonderful website to get already created SMART and Interactive Board lessons and activities. You can find resources by Texas TEKS that can be used immediately! Check it out!

Get Started with SMART Notebook Today!

Starfall is a program service of Starfall Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. The website opened as a free public service in 2002 to inspire a love of learning through exploration in a safe, playful environment. We offer free online reading resources and low-cost, high-quality curriculum products. Members enjoy additional mathematics, song, and reading activities. Learn more about Starfall Education Foundation.

Mathematics & Reading, Pre-K to 2nd Grade

Membership unlocks hundreds of activities on your computer or mobile device. The mathematics, phonics and reading, sing-along songs, and nursery rhymes parallel and enhance our curriculum products. Enjoy lesson plans, customizable worksheets and other resources.

*Each campus uses different tools. Your campus may or may not subscribe to these tools*