Mrs. Schettone's News!

March 14th-18th

Kindergarten Sang the Blues!

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On Monday, Kindergarten students sang the blues! Students have been learning about the blues in music class and then each class sang their own version of the blues! Mrs. Schettone's friends sang about losing a puppy!

We're Here to Catch a Leprechaun!

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Students did an AMAZING job creating their leprechaun traps! On Thursday, students shared how their Leprechaun Trap works and how they designed and built it. We displayed our traps around the room and we were lucky enough to be left one gold coin by a sneaky leprechaun! This was a fantastic project to do at this point in time because students have been working very hard on their STEM project! Students have learned about various types of technology and have examined and analyzed four specific pieces of technology and how they work. Students have learned about the STEM Scientific Method and are about to create their first project, a sail! Once they build their sail, they will test it on an air raft that will be moved by the wind created by a fan!

"For the whole world is Irish on the Seventeenth o' March!" — Thomas Augustine Daly

The students had a blast on St. Patrick's Day! We started off our day by sharing our Leprechaun Traps and then students got to create their own Leprechaun! After lunch, students got to participate in our St. Patrick's Day Dance where our DJ led them in many dance contests and they got to enjoy a snack from PAC! Students danced the day away earning prizes for their awesome moves!

Mystery Reader, Mr. Rodia!

On Wednesday, Mr. Rodia visited our classroom as a Mystery Reader! His clues were..I like baseball..I like potato chips..I love CBA! James was our lucky guesser who guessed Mr. Rodia! Mr. Rodia came in and read "Hello Phillie Phanatic" to us to get us excited for Phillies baseball season! He then treated us to a chocolate donut snack and shared his picture of him and the Phillie Phanatic when the Phanatic visited our school for Reading Month!

Mystery Reader, Mrs. Connelly!

On Friday, Fiona's Mom, Mrs. Connelly, visited our classroom as a Mystery Reader! She read "Peanut Butter and Cupcake" and "Groundhogs Day Off." Two books we ABSOLUTELY love! Afterwards, she treated us to pigs in a blanket and cupcakes because in the story..Peanut Butter goes together with cupcake and hot dog! We loved our special treat! A perfect way to end a Friday!

This week in class...

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In Language Arts we...
  • read the concept book "What Makes Me Happy" and students drew four pictures of things that make them happy and then wrote a sentence identifying each thing.
  • read the literature book "The Mouse and the Lion"! We learned many new amazing words and then we analyzed one of them on our vocabulary four square! We analyzed the word "jungle" as you see in the picture above! We then read our story and then identified the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of the story in a writing!
  • had reading groups and literacy centers!
  • had Word Study and did a fantastic job! This week our words focused on the -ap family and various sight words! Students did another amazing job completing work in their word study journals and on their pre and final word study tests!
  • celebrated St. Patrick's Day by completing a "lucky" writing and practicing our rhyming and opposites in centers!
  • completed our I-Ready lessons in the computer lab!
  • took our Unit 3 Test!

In Math, we...

  • learned about classifying and sorting objects by various characteristics such as size, shape, number, alike/different, and location.
  • learned new vocabulary words!
  • took our Chapter 9 Test!

In STEM, we...

  • analyzed how a mechanical pencil works! We identified its purpose, advantages, disadvantages, and how it works once we put energy into it! We then learned the resulting action!
  • analyzed how an egg beater works! We identified its purpose, advantages, disadvantages, and how it works once we put energy into it! We then learned the resulting action!
  • learned about the purpose of wind and how we can use it to move a sail! We watched two videos on PBS Kids about how sails work and how the structure of a sailboat can change the way that it moves! We then looked at two types of sailboats and identified the type of sail we would like to build.
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Week of March 21st-25th

Language Arts: Spring/Easter Literacy Activities (If I met the Easter Bunny, Rechenka's Egg Study, Sight Word Easter Egg Hunt, Peep Study)
Math: Spring/Easter Math Activities (Jellybean Graphing, Review of adding/subtracting)
Special Events: Mystery Reader, STEM speaker, and Specials Classes

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March 24th-28th is Spring Break! No School!

April 15th is our field trip to Tyler Arboretum

April 21st is our Kindergarten Play-Winnie the Pooh at 9:30am