Criss Cross

Perkins, Lynn Rae

Chandley Stuchell

March 5, 2014



Debbie is a young, shy girl who wishes something good would happen to her.

Hector is a young boy who plays guitar.
Lenny is an older kid that is a mechanic and he chews tobacco.
Dan Persik is a young, popular, football player who plays guitar.


In a small town

In the summer

Seldom, California


Debbie sat in her backyard while Lenny and Phil were in their garage. Phil wanted to ask Debbie if she wanted to come over, but Lenny said no. Hector wanted to take guitar lessons, so he looked around and found lessons at the church. He fell in love with this girl at guitar lessons and took her out to eat. Debbie was looking for a job. Someone told her that Mrs. Bruning needed help cleaning her house. Mrs. Bruning's grandson came home to California and helped her clean the house also. Debbie fell in love with Peter. Hector's enemy Dan Persik stole the girl he liked and he was devastated. Lenny taught Debbie how to drive a stick shift pick up truck. She did really well. Debbie and Peter went to Seldom Days together. Debbie lost her necklace, but Hector found it and gave it to her. Debbie and Hector held a rooftop party for all the neighborhood.

Information About Medal

  • In 1921 Fredric G. Melcher designed the Newbery Award.
  • Children's libraries present the award.
  • It is named after an English bookseller John Newbery.
  • Newbery books are for children.
  • Each committee member must consider child audiences.
  • There are children, teen, and young adult books.
  • There is never an age to young or old to read Newbery books.
  • The award is given to the most distinguished contribution to American child literature.
  • The Newbery and Caldecott award are the two most prestigious awards for children.
  • The award is based on votes.
  • There are 92 recipients of the Newbery Award.
  • The first award winner was Hendrik Willem Van Loon.
  • The most recent award winner was Kate Dicamillo.
  • There has been 308 honor awards given.
  • They have been giving out this award since 1922.

Lynn Rae Perkins

  • She was born in the summer of 1956.
  • She was born in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Her mom was a teacher and her dad was a lab technician.
  • They lived in a little brick house.
  • Her family went on lots of vacations to the seashore.
  • She said in the 1970's life was more hard than she thought.
  • Lynne Rae studied at Penn State University.
  • Then she went to the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.
  • After college she taught water color classes.
  • She met her husband, Bill, in Boston.
  • The first story she wrote was Home Lovely.
  • She sent the story to Greenwillow Books and they published it.
  • Lynne Rae wrote many children's picture books after that.
  • She was awarded the Newbery Award in 2006.
  • Her husband Bill made beautiful wood furniture.

My Thoughts

I liked this book. I thought it was very interesting. I think the book's pictures made it an award winning book. I think the book fits the criteria very well.