White House

Mystery Killing

By: Randle Kingston

It was a 3:00 pm in the white house and the president was working on his speech. When a man show up with a gun and said I hate you and shot him in the heart. The security rush the scene but it was too late he was already dead. They called in investigator Randle to the scene to help solve this case and get the president back.

Randle was the best investigator in the world and did not back down with a fight. This person left no evidence of the murder so it was hard to tell. He told the man that he had to go back in time and fix this mess before it gets out of hand. Roamers started to start about the president death. Randle went back in space 10 minutes before the president died. Then when he reaches there he saw the president in his work room.

He told the president to keep calm and he will be hiding in the closet. Then right after the man came. It was Gavin! Randle jump out of the closet and tried to tackle him but he shot him in the arm. Randle also remember he had a gun and shot Gavin in the head before he killed anyone. Randle was sad but knew what he had to do. The president name him hero of the year. The people you never expected could turn on you.