The Hunger Games


Mrs. everdeen is the mother of katniss and primrose everdeen and the wife of the deceased Mr. everdeen .Mrs. Everdeen gave everything up to marry Mr. Everdeen, including her house, her job, her friends and family. She moved to the Seam with her husband.

Physical description

Mrs. Everdeen is described with blonde hair and blue eyes, the typical merchant look. Katniss has been told that Mrs. Everdeen was once very beautiful. Katniss says she now looks worn down and beaten. Her coloring makes her stick out at the Seam, where people have dark features. Primrose takes after her appearances. When she's sleeping, Katniss says she looks "worn, but not so beaten down".


Quiet and not talkative, Mrs. Everdeen does not waste her breath on unnecessary chatter. She has a habit of leaving the sane realm and heading into her own little world, but she is always aware and ready when a patient comes to call. Katniss says. Mrs. Everdeen however lost hope and was devastated after her husband died which resulted in Katniss keeping the family alive. She would sit and stare hopelessly into space acting dreary and helpless most days.


Mrs.Everdeen cared for gale as much as she did for her own children.
Mr.mellark had always loved Mrs. Everdeen, but she "ran off with a coal miner".
Mrs. Everdeen loved Mr.everdeen very much, so much that she left her merchant life for the seam and she loved katniss and prim to