Portfolio: GTT What I've learned

Jerry Marquez

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What is GTT?

GTT is a school group/Technology group, it is for students with inventions to make, GTT means Gateway To Technology, you learn and build multiple projects, using advanced tools to built your project. Join GTT theirs so many thing to learn about technology.

My experience in GTT.

What I've learned: solving the problem: Chandeliers

What I've learned from this project is the works and weight a motor can hold, it depends on a certain motor to hold a chandelier an slowly dropping it without it breaking, while lifting it back up without it falling down to the ground, this would help with people who cant reach their chandelier can use this to lower down their chandelier, but only where he chandelier is theirs an empty space that can be used to install the motor, plus with the right chain it wouldn't snap during its drop or lift. i think i should get a C- because i didn't get all the parts to it.

What I've learned: Hoverboard paper origami

From the power that you give it is how much it will go, unless its to fast then it wouldn't move that far, it will make a roll, the weight is also something that you need to be careful with, because if you put to much i may no move that far, it will move, but the heavy weight will slow it down, i was surprised how far i could go, i didn't know something like that cold go so far. i think i should get a C because it didn't go as far as it was supose to be

What I've learned: code acadamy

i learned how they code a website and make it appear how it is, it really cool__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.i Thing i should a C- Because i dint finish all of it.