FTW Indicium

September 2013

Thank You

I had a 12 hour drive to Lake Placid this month, and I dont play music when I drive so I had a lot of time to think. I did manage to figure out a new theory of relativity, but thats for another time. I was sitting there and it kind of just hit me, I own a business. HOLY COW. People come into the gym, not really knowing me, and at first blindly put their trust, health, and fitness in my hands. Thats very humbling actually. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has come to, tried out, or joined the gym. It really means a lot to me that youve chosen to put your health and fitness in my hands. Every single one of you are important in the success of this gym and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing FTW. Of course I am always looking to improve this place. If there is something I can do better, a new idea, a gripe-whatever please let me know. I am always here for you.

The expansion is kind of on hold right now as the landlord get things sorted out. Hopefully we are looking at Oct/Nov. In the meantime one thing we do need is a bit of a membership drive. CrossFit gyms survive on word of mouth advertising and I could really use everyones help. I will have a "prize system" set up for the best promoters these next few months. When someone joins here that you have brought in you can cash in those points towards a number of items. Stay tuned for more details, but get out there and get your friends into the healthy lifestyle!!

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CrossFit Games by Eat Pray WOD

I read this article and I liked a lot of what it had to say.

"If you know nothing about crossfit, walking into a box is probably a big shock to you. Because The CrossFit Games is not crossfit.

The CrossFit Games is the celebration of our fittest athletes. The games is a chance for our whole crossfittin', kool aid drinkin' community to cheer on the fittest in our sport. Arguably, the fittest in the world. The best of the best.
The most elite.

Crossfit is the 8 month pregnant lady doing overhead squats.
Crossfit is the skinny kid trying to put on muscle to play on the varsity football team.
Crossfit is the 65 year old grandpa reaching depth on his squat for the first time...in over 30 years.
Crossfit is the mom of two.
Crossfit is the girl just trying to lose those last 4 lbs.
Crossfit is me being able to (finally!) run a mile unbroken.
Crossfit is the overweight kid working hard to like what she sees in the mirror.
Crossfit is the D1 athlete just looking for something to keep up competition.
Crossfit is the elite olympic lifter learning to do double unders.
Crossfit is every person that competed at the 2013 games and every person who just started their foundation class today.
Crossfit is investment bankers, teachers, project managers, pharmaceutical reps, lawyers, cops, weathermen, real estate agents, students, firefighters, secretaries, nurses, and doctors.
Crossfit is you and me and them and us.

I love the Games. I love what it represents. Not only because I get to watch the fittest in our field compete, but because I know that there was once a day when those people competing weren't elite. There was a day, for some of them in the very recent past, when they were all beginners. Like me.
And that gives me hope.
Maybe I won't be a games competitor.
But maybe I will.
Maybe I'll be the fittest I've ever been and that will be enough.
I know that road won't be easy.
But luckily, I'm a part of a community where "easy will no longer suffice."
Because CrossFit is about testing your personal limits and then finding new ones.
Because it's not about being THEM. It's about being YOU.
And everything you're searching for is out there. Just outside of your comfort zone."

Sept CrossFit Challenge

Sunday, Sep. 22nd 2013 at 10am-2pm

4660 Kenny Rd

Columbus, OH

Second spot on the FTW CrossFit challenges. A nice Sunday event this time!

As you have now heard, the workouts are scaleable for all skill levels. But be ready to give it your all as these workouts will challenge you! Again the workouts will be announced day of event so don't ask for hints lol!!! Members and non members are welcome to compete. $25 for members and $35 for non. Spectators and judges are most certainly welcome. There will be 3 WODs.

Steve came to FTW back in April. A former professional athlete, life had taken hold and he wasn't nearly in the shape he used to be. With a new focus of what "fit" is, Steve has killed it day in and out here at the gym. He started off doing pull ups with the black band with his future goal of doing 5 without a band by July 4th, 2013. Well I'm happy to say that Steve did not only 5 no banded pull ups, he did 14!! He is also down about 20lbs! Great job man

What is that Strength part......

Warm up-check. That WOD thingy-check.






SO lets break this down. First off even though we just did our official Warm Up on the board, your body isnt necessarily warmed up for that lift (movement), so you dont just grab your heavy weight and start going. For example if my 1 rep max (the heaviest) for deadlift is 100lbs, I dont throw 70lbs on the bar and go. I do 35lbs for say 10, then 45lbs for say 8, then 55lbs for say 5, then maybe if i feel good go to my first offical set of the strength WOD.

So now we are sweating from our official warm up, and we have done the movement warm up/build up to our heavy weights so lets do a set of 5 reps at 70% of our 1 rep max. So since its 70% I should give 70% effort?? Ummmmm NO. We always give 100% of our effort and mental focus when lifting ESPECIALLY the strength WODs. But yes, a 70% of our 1 rep max doesn't technically take 100% of our max strength to lift it.

Ok so we then up the weight to our 75% of 1 rep max and do 5 more focused reps.

Now comes the real "main set". We up the weight to 80% of our 1 rep max and we need to do 5+ reps. huh plus what??? This means we need to do as many perfect focused reps as possible. This number will vary day to day, so its almost like a single max effort set. One day we might feel really strong and get 12 reps, one day we are stressed with little sleep and only get 5. Thats ok!! However sacrificing form to eeekkk out one more rep is NOT ok!!

The + set is when injuries can happen. You MUST be focused on all the little things to put out a max effort safely. Yes I am trying to scare you a little bit because things like squats, deadlift, and push press are all centered around the spine. All my best coaching in the world can be undone with 1 second loss of focus and boom youre hurt. Just because you arent lifting 1000lbs like big strong powerlifters doesnt mean you dont have to take the same safe mental focus approach they do.

Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh My

There are SOOOOOOOOO many different strength programs out there. SOOOOOO many "online experts". My personal philosophy is if you have to tell someone how awesome you are, maybe you aren't so. Anyways...you have the Russians, Bulgarians, different Americans, yes everyone hates the Turks.... :) All have "the" program to make you awesomely strong. The program I personally use as well as have all of you on, is called Wendler 531. Based off what 99% of all of you tell me, I feel this program will benefit us the most. It will make you as strong as you can be with OUT adding "size". So in laymen terms, you will get really strong, muscles like rocks, but not add a ton of size. Yes the muscle will grow a bit because that is the goal of working out-correct? Feel awesome, be fit, be strong.

When the expansion happens I plan on having a Personal Records board up for those that cant remember anything about their max weights for a lift lol. As always FTW is about being the best person you can be and if you dont feel comfortable putting your max weights up on the board that is ok. If you want to lie and put a fake number up ultimately you will get hurt working off too high a percentage for the lifts.

Payment Options

As you all are aware we take cash, check, credit card (Visa, MC, Discover). I would really appreciate if everyone that pays cash or check could migrate to Credit Cards. Cash and check is a lot to keep track of, and to be honest, I'm not the best businessman and dont write that down. I would greatly appreciate it.