Teen Reads November '18

Flushing Camplus Libraries, E. Bayer, Librarian

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Thank You on Behalf of Our Veterans

We are so proud of students in Ms. Gebert's leadership class and Mr. Mullany's art class. Together, they sent 50 thank you letters to our veterans. Xavier Quintero said it best: "Being a defender of our flag is a duty that comes with great responsibility, a responsibility you have taken in the name of freedom." These letters were part of the 100,000 Thank You project, sponsored by Ty Kelly and Chuck.com. If you would like to send your own thank you, there is still time. Deadline to send a thank you is NOVEMBER 26th. See the website for more details.

Congratulations Dayanara Mosso and Brian Tjia

Congratulations to DAYANARA MOSSO for being the Top Reader in November. She read 24 books this this term. Her favorite genre is graphic novels. The FHS Library has a large collection of manga, ranging from BLEACH TO DEATH NOTE. If you would like to find the manga with the most adventure, speak to Dayanara for a great read.

BRIAN TJIA is the second place Top Reader for November. He read 8 books so far this semester. His favorite books are memoirs. One of the more popular memoirs in our collection is THE GLASS CASTLE by Jeanette Walls. Ask him about it.

Are you interested in being a top reader? The more books you borrow, the higher your chances are for being a top reader. The more you read, research shows the higher your grades. Higher grades means more chances for scholarships for college!!

Favorite Books of Irianny Reyes

These are just a few of the new books that Irianny can't wait to read. If you would like your name and choices featured here, please see Mrs. Bayer in the library.

If you love to read, like to cook and want to explore new cultures and new foods, join the Books with Bite Club. See Ms. Bayer in the library to sign up.