Spring is here and so is the NEWS!

March is filled with fun for everyone.

March is reading month

Blast into Reading!

Each year Marshall Academy celebrates Reading Month. In elementary it is no secret that Reading Drives Everything. Reading is your students key to opening all the doors to their future.

Listed below you will see the activities we have planned to make the month out of this world. We want to encourage everyone to participate. Set aside time each day for family reading and promote independent reading, too! Our classrooms will be adding more reading time as well.


  • Read In:

On March 1st and March 22nd we will have a school-wide Read-A-Thon. Students can bring in a pillow or blanket to snuggle up with while reading.

  • Dress Up Days:

Every Friday students can show their reading month spirit by dressing up. Students are invited to participate. Any student who is not participating in the day's theme should be in their school uniform. Jeans are not allowed.

  • March 3rd - Favorite Book Character Day (Dress as a character from your favorite book or series!)

  • March 10th - Astronauts and Aliens Day (Dress as a space explorer or an alien life form!)

  • March 17th - St. Patrick’s Day (Wear green to celebrate the Luck of the Irish!)

  • March 23rd - Team Color Day (Wear the color selected by your class!)

  • Weekly Prizes:

Every Friday students can pick a prize if they turn in their reading log to show they have reached the weekly goal set by their teacher. These students will also be entered into a drawing to win a free book!

Read to a class: On Tuesday's teachers have set aside time for either reading to their students, or having volunteers come read to their classes. If you would like to read to a particular class, or just any class at all, on the 7th, 14th, or 21st please contact Mrs. Roessler at roesslera@marshallacademy.org.

Class Celebration:

At the end of the month all students will get to be part of their class celebration. Students who have made their goal every week for the whole month will receive a special prize!

Cell Phone Apps at home can lead to in-school disruptions.

Technology may be growing more and more sophisticated, however, kids are the same as always.

Our kids need their parents for more than just love and a roof over their heads. Our children need guidance from us now more than ever in this rapidly expanding world.

Cell phones and tablets may be some of the most wonderful learning tools ever invented, but when students are left unattended these tools can also be used in a malicious manner. Popular apps like snapchat can provide a space that is perfectly suited for negative comments and conversations designed to tear others down.

Our community is designed to engage learners and build one another up to reach their highest potential. These online spaces are working against the hard work we put in each day.

From one parent to another, we need to be involved with our children's lives, no matter their age. While our children are growing, they need our guidance to show them how they should be attributing to the community as a whole. We must be the force that shows them how to solve problems and how to communicate effectively.

If we do not step into our children's online lives, they will use these platforms in a negative manner. Kids are kids and they are going to be mischievous, or join a bandwagon that they should not be on. As parents we need to be there to make sure they do not make the mistakes that could have serious consequences.

As I sit in district meetings I hear stories of online bullying and see schools in lock downs because of these unsupervised chats. We have some of the best kids in the world here, but we are still susceptible to conversations that can harm our community.

Please, be present. We will be a safer community for it, and your children will be better for it too. They may not say thank you this year, but they will someday.

Conference Night is right around the corner

Mark your calendars!

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on March 22 and 23 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

  • We will carve out some well deserved time to sit with each parent and talk about each student's progress.
  • We will share NWEA score reports.
  • We will have a free book table to take home a new book.
  • We will have a booth with computers open to write your local representatives in Lansing showing your support for our Charter School.
  • Elementary teachers in their own rooms.
  • Middle, High, and Specials teachers will be set up in the gym.
  • Report cards will be distributed from the front table, then you can find an open teacher.

Scheduled times and more information to come closer to conference time!

Spring Break Tips and Tricks

Spring Break is a great time for a little reset.

This year "SB23" is March 27th- March 31st, which means our students will be out of school from March 23rd until coming back on April 3rd. That is 10 days off.

It may have been a while since you have been in school, but this time of the year is crunch time. Teachers and students are working as hard as they both can to get in the very most they can at this time. We are working through our respective curriculums while trying to find a way to scaffold in the materials that are not going to be covered until after testing season. As soon as we return from SB23 the spring testing season will begin. This break is intended to refresh and revitalize everyone so that when we come back we can finish up strong.

Whether you have big plans to get away, or not, take a break.

Some great Spring Break ideas are:

  • Build a fort in the woods
  • Learn a new skill or craft
  • Plan a day trip to a local museum
  • Try a new recipe each night
  • Kick start your spring workout regiment

If you are looking for some great Michigan SB23 close trips that may be fun try THIS LINK.

Girls on the Run is at the start line.

Miss Best and Ms. Swank are teaming up for another great Girls on the Run season to start Tuesday the 7th.

Girls on the Run is a national non-profit organization that designs programming that strengthens third- to eighth grade girls’ social, emotional, physical and behavioral skills to successfully navigate life experiences.

MA hosts a 3rd -5th grade team that meets in the spring and ends the season with a 5K run that is held at Harper Creek High against hundreds of other runners across the entire county.

For more information click on the link above or ask Miss Best at: bestm@marshallacademy.org

Track season is HERE!

Track is Back at MA!

Our music teacher, and avid runner, Mr. Nelson will be the track coach for Varsity and Middle school boys and girls track.

Practices will start on March 13th for high school boys and girls and on March 20th for middle schoolers.

Practices will be from 3:15 to 4:30 daily. We are still building our season schedule and will be sending these out asap.

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