Chehalis Classical Conversations

Week 16 News You Can Use

Some Bunny Loves You!

Week 15

Family Presentations : Kortney and her family had family presentation this Monday and they brought a Bunny!

School Picture Day! March 14th is no longer Crazy Hair Day!!! Mrs. Butterworth has generously offered school portraits for our students during March 14th! Thank you Kortney for offering this service!! Your student will have their school pic and we wil be retaking our community photo. For more information please speak with her.

Valentines Day Celebration! Good times! We enjoyed fellowship with one another while sharing our love and appreciation for each other in our community,

New Catalogs (Magalog) for 2016 are here! Let me just say these are more than merely a catalog! It is fully loaded with inspirational and encouraging articles for every homeschool parent. On page 2 it reads, " We believe.... parents are the best teachers for their children." and that "there are three keys to a great education: the classical model of learning, taught within a framework of a Christ-centered worldview, in a supportive community." Make sure to get your copy and read on!

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Community News

  • Tutors and subs for next year! I am not currently contracting tutors but if you are interested in possibly next year please let me know if you are considering it and we can discuss it. I will need at least 2-3 Foundation tutors and 1 sub for the fall.

  • Public registration opens Feb 15th and I will not be able to hold current classroom seats once public registration begin.

  • Nichol Strode, our local Support Rep, has asked if anyone would like to help be on a Marketing team with other CC'ers. She would like to utilize flyers, radio stations and newspapers, etc. to let more families know about our homeschooling programs. Also needed are volunteers for care team members while will come alongside new CC families. If interested let me know so I can forward you her info.

  • New CC Catalogs are available to view online - I have a bunch!! They are fantastic.
  • The Information Meeting went really well !!! 4 families attended !! Be on the lookout for families coming to visit us soon. Make sure to encourage anyone you know who may be interested in CC to come to an info meeting so they may come to our community during Open House before our year ends! . I will be scheduling more soon.

Looking Ahead Sci & Geo Fair

The Homeschool Science and Geography fair is coming quickly. Please let me know if you will be attending as I will be working out the details this week and need an idea of how many entries there will be. Be sure to encourage your other homeschooling friends to join us - it is open to all homeschoolers not just our fellow CC'ers.

How you can explain the Classical Conversations Homeschool Program.

Classical Conversations Christian Homeschool Program Explained

A Window into the Challenge level

According to his Bio on CC website Matt Bianco has been homeschooling his children since 2003 and classically since 2007. Matt is a Challenge level tutor while working for CC's Multimedia. This is a long video which just means it is packed full of great insight from a fellow CC parent.
Matt Bianco on Classical Conversations "Challenge" level (high school)

Important to Note

Info Meetings and Open Houses: If at any time you know someone who is interested in CC but can not make it to a scheduled event please let them know to talk with me and I can work with their schedule and location to find something that will work. Also you might want to encourage them to bring a friend with them.