Jackson High- December Updates

Emily's leg is broken? Lena Duchannes to be expelled?

Winter Formal

Last week was the annual Jackson High winter formal, and quite a few things happened. First of all, everybody looked amazing and we hope you all had fun! Savannah Snow was crowned Snow Queen and Emily Asher Ice Princess, no surprise there. They look gorgeous. Something rather unfortunate happened to 2 of our students. While taking pictures, Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes had very bad luck. White, sticky goop rained down on them and completely drenched them. Talk about a sticky situation. Next we have Charlotte. While going up the stairs to be crowned Ice Handmaiden, the entire back of her dress tore and we all saw her neon pink underwear. How embarrassing is that? After that, while everyone was dancing, every single light went out and the sprinklers went off, soaking everyone. Everyone started screaming and tried to get out. During all the commotion, Emily fell and broke her leg. Ouch! This was one eventful night.

Lena Duchannes Meeting

After everything that happened at the dance, there was really only one person to blame. And that was Lena Duchannes. Nothing has been the same ever since she came to Gatlin. It was pretty obvious that she was the one that made everything happen at the dance. There was a meeting regarding wether or not Lena should be expelled from Lincoln High. Mrs. Lincoln made very convincing points and everyone was in favour of expelling her. When the meeting was almost over, something very surprising happened. Macon Ravenwood and Marian Ashcroft walked in. Most people had never seen Macon, so that was a huge surprise to everyone. Macon revealed some not so nice things about almost everyone in this town. He managed to stop Lena's expulsion, so for now, Lena Duchannes is still a student at Jackson High.
Those were the major events that happened this month, come back next month to see the January Newsletter. Have a great week everyone!