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Week of May 10, 2021

Staying Safe & Finishing Strong!

As the weather gets warmer, many more families and students are choosing to walk and ride to school. That's GREAT for our bodies and minds, but we need to make sure we all work together to keep our students and families safe. As a reminder:

  • Use the crosswalk anytime you're crossing from school to the other side of the "road." I realize this may be 20-30 steps out of the way, but it allows our drivers to focus on driving.
  • Sherwood is not a safe place let your student out. I know that drop off can be congested, but this puts your student and our AW community at risk for being hurt. Please use the system in place for drop off and pickup.
  • Drivers, please be mindful of all that's going on around our school and streets. This includes stopping fully at stop signs and keeping speeds slow on Sherwood and in the parking lots.

Thank you for your help with keeping things calm, cool, collected, and SAFE around Avoca West.

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