Converse's Team Report, May 8

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!


  • Join me in wishing a happy birthday to Kathy Colgan on the 11th and Jackie Foltz on the 12th. Happy, happy birthday ladies!!!
  • I hope you all had a wonderful week full of feelings of appreciation. Oak Hill and myself are so blessed to have each of you as part of our team. Please take the weekend to rest up and come back rejuvenated for a great end to the 2014-2015 school year. I sent an email last weekend asking parents to give me a couple of words to represent what they think of when they think of the Converse Elementary staff. I plugged the words into a "Wordle" app. That app creates a visual where the more a word is repeated the "bigger" the font is used on the visual. In your mailboxes, Friday morning is the "visual" that was created. Take time to look at all the describing words that the parents used but also look at the words that were emphasized by many of them repeatedly. It was a great visual of what you all create here at Converse Elementary. Also, see the pictures below from the kiddos. The words below the pictures are what was on their signs. They are the reason we all do what we do!
  • I love hearing of the new apps and ways teachers are using the iPADs to impact student learning! If you haven't shared what you implemented in place of our April staff meeting assignment please do so soon. I love hearing of the projects, accomplishments, and the student learning!
  • You donated $146 to the CASA program. Thanks so much for your donation! I joked on Facebook that after all the food we have had shared with us this week, next week, instead of wearing jeans, we will have to wear sweat pants/elastic waist pants. :)
  • Congratulations to our Converse runners: recently Kristen Myers completed a marathon in California and Stacie Hensley, Jamie Hueston and Jami Maynus completed the Mini in Indianapolis. GO TEAM CONVERSE!!

Team Announcements

Items in bold print are new to announcements.
  • Staff, for the remainder of the year we are pilotting a program in our cafeteria with our uneaten/untouched food. It is being collected and donated to a local food bank. We are not sharing this with students as we don't want any of them to not "eat" something in order to donate it but incase you notice us separating our trash more than usual I wanted you to know what was happening. If it goes well, we anticipate continuing it next year.
  • Teachers, I want to encourage you to please consider attending 1,2, or all 4 training dates for the iPAD training this summer. (June 29/30 and June 21/22) As we move to 1:1 this is a unique opportunity we have to attend training right here at Oak Hill. Please consider taking advantage of some or all part(s) of it. Thanks!
  • With the nicer weather, we have had more parents picking up than our parking lot and curb area can hold; therefore, I am asking that all "able bodies" begin parking in the lots on either end of the building to see if leaving more spots in the middle lot helps with that congestion. Regrettably, parents are trying to park in the grass and they are making it difficult for buses to exit at the end of the day. If you need a different key to get in a new door, please see Brooke and she will get one for you. Thanks so very much!
  • EOY data meetings begin next week with Valree. Looking forward to celebrating progress.
  • Student profiles are due to Valree no later than May 11th.
  • Kids' Hope's last week is the week of May 11th.
  • The staff meeting on Wednesday, May 20th, will be on Google Hangout. You will get to stay in your room and use technology to "meet" with us. Make sure prior to the staff meeting that you load the Google Hangout app on your iPAD. Right now, a Google Hangout is a "little tricky" as your iPAD will have the needed camera but your computer will allow you to use the chat option. Our only agenda item will be to "play" on Hangout to get an idea of how it works. Whitney will share some info from our e-learning conference just to share something during our Hangout. Please access another colleague or Autumn for help to make sure you are ready to go for the Hangout. Ideally, I would love for you to access both the computer and iPAD during the Hangout to see both options but if it gets too confusing either one will work. Hopefully I sent an invite your way via an email. If you haven't do so, please accept the invitation. This is necessary to connect.
  • Space is our building-wide "theme" for next school year.

Team Focus

In honor of teacher/staff appreciation week, check out this 3 min. video, and remember "the work of a teacher(instructional assistant/cafeteria worker/secretary/etc.) is of great importance!" to our world!

If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching

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