An Abundance of Katherine

John Green

What is the book about?

Colin Singleton's kind of girl is named Katherine. He has dated and been dumped by 19 Katherine's. In the midst of the Katherine 19 failure, Colin a washed up child prodigy goes out on a road trip with his best friend Hassan.

While on the road...

The road trip is brief. Ended after only a night and half a day, because Colin and Hassan make a detour in Gunshot, Tennessee. Only to see the grave of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Lindsey, their tour guide. who is also an aspiring paramedic, helps when Colin trips and hits his head on a rock on the way to the gravesite.

Gunshot Factory..

Hollis, Lindsey's mother and Gutshot factory owner, recognizes Colin from a game show he was on called "KranialKidz" and invites Colin and Hassan home for supper. When Hollis offers them a place to stay and a job interviewing Gutshot residents about their history, Colin and Hassan accept her offer. In this time Collin becomes an adult genius than a child prodigy.

New things happening in Gunshot, Tennessee..

In the mean time, Hassan gets to know Lindsey's boyfriend (also named Colin) and her other friends, particularly a beautiful girl named Katrina. Later at a party, Hassan and Katrina start a very romantic relationship. During the party Colin and Lindsey get to know each other better when they find common interests. Lindsey shows Colin her secret hiding place, and how to shoot a gun so he won't embarrass himself in the next hog hunt.

Slowly, the peacful summer falls part..

Colin is discouraged, instead of shooting a charging hog and deliberately missing the pig but accidentally hitting a hornet's nest. He and Hassan bolt out of the woods until they are lost. While trying to find the road that leads back to Gutshot, they stumble upon the Archduke Franz Ferdinand's grave and see Katrina and Lindsey's boyfriend Colin, cheating on their relationships in the graveyard. Hassan and Lindsey both breakup with the relationships they were in.

After the mess..

Lindsey, Colin and Hassan continue doing their jobs, interviewing Gunshot residents. Hassan registers for college, in which his parents and Colin were trying forever to convince him to do it. With Lindsey being upset about everything that happened, she retreats to her hiding place. Colin ends up following her. Colin shares the story of the 19 Katherines with her, and then Colin and Lindsey kiss. They agree to start going out. However Colin thinks the two will break up three days later. When they don't, Colin realizes that the future is unknowable. He, Hassan and Lindsey start off on another impromptu road trip.

Big picture about the roadtrip..

While on the road trip Colin's whole outlook on love, relationships and life will change.


  • Readability Age Range

14 and up

  • Genre


  • Publisher

Dutton Books, a member of Penguin Group

  • Released/Year Published


  • Awards

YALSA Michael L. Printz Award Honor Book, 2007; YALSA Best Books for Young Adults, 2007

Gracen Smith