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A weekly newsletter - April 3, 2020

A message from Ameka Hunt, Principal of PHS

Happy Friday!

Congratulations on getting a handle on digital learning. Teachers have communicated their classroom delivery method and remote learning plan to parents and students. Some teachers have expressed difficulty successfully contacting parents. If you have not heard from your child’s classroom teacher, please send him/her an email.

In accordance with Governor Abbott’s orders, PfISD will remain closed tentatively through May 1st. For your convenience, the district has launched a Remote Learning website that provides parents information about how remote learning works at PfISD. Should you need assistance acquiring a laptop, please complete the technology survey included in this newsletter. The district will provide weekly paper-based instruction packets in the event families do not wish to participate in online learning. The paper-based packets are available for core content courses only. These packets will be distributed every Monday during the meal grab and go at Pflugerville High School during breakfast and lunch. Thank you for your continued support.


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Campuses closed through May 1 - Grab-and-go meals update

In accordance with orders from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, PfISD campuses and facilities will remain closed through May 1. We will await guidance from state and local officials to determine when schools will reopen.

Please continue to monitor our website for further information and updates. The District has set up the Pflugerville ISD Coronavirus Updates webpage to keep you updated. Also check the PHS campus website for the latest campus information.

Food distribution requirements for the grab-and-go meals have been updated. Please check the PfISD Food Distribution page for details on guidelines.

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Dear PHS Parents,

The School Info App for Pflugerville High School is a great way to stay connected and informed. Notifications are sent in real time for ever-changing situations. Be in the know—download the app today!

Click on the attached QR code or search for Pflugerville High School in the app store. Be sure to allow notifications so you get all the notifications and news feeds to keep current with what’s happening at PHS.

Reminder from our Counseling Department: Make sure students check their email regularly

Important updates are being sent by email. Students should be checking their student email accounts daily so as not to miss important information.

Technology Survey, Paper Packets and Remote Learning Website

If your student does not have access to an electronic device or Internet, please use one of the links below to apply for technology assistance.

For students and families that do not have access to devices or the Internet, the District will provide alternative paper-based learning plans. These plans include activities students can complete on their own, with either teacher or family guidance. Paper-based learning plans will be available for pick-up at district meal locations. New paper-based learning plans will be available each Monday at meal pickup sites, and can be returned for grading and feedback at any meal pickup site the following week. If you need to access our paper-based learning plans, please let your campus teachers know so they can develop a plan with you to monitor this instruction.

The district has created a Remote Learning website, complete with recommended learning resources for core contents in all grade levels. The district Paper-Based Instruction learning packets will be available on this website for access and download.

From our Department Chairs


Hello parents -

The English department at PHS is hard at work to ensure your students have access to the necessary scope and sequence activities to continue your student's education during this difficult time. Currently, all English teachers are using Google Classroom to reach students that have technology access. On 3/30, teachers were informed that many paper packets were handed out to those without technology access. Teachers will be assessing these paper packets after they are returned. Official grading begins on 4/13.

Teachers are reaching out to individual families who have not answered via Google Classroom, so in the meantime, please encourage your student to read and journal during this time. Newspapers, magazines, ebooks, etc. are all good resources for reading.

Moving forward, please do not hesitate to reach out to your student's English teacher via school email. Email is teacher's first name.last


Lisa Wernli, English Department Chair


All of our language classes have used the online book for exercises all year. That has made the switch to distance learner much easier. Our German, Spanish, and French AP exams will still take place. Collegeboard has provided youtube videos of expert teachers giving superb content lectures. We miss our students!

Anne Dyess, LOTE Department Chair


The Science Department is using Google Classroom as the primary method for communicating with students and parents, and to provide remote instruction. In addition, several Science teachers are communicating via Remind, e-mail, and using other tools. If you need to communicate with your Science teacher, please stay engaged in Google Classroom, pay attention to messages on Remind, send your teacher an e-mail message through, or call their classroom phone and leave a voicemail.

Our various PLCs in the Science Department are working hard to make sure they deliver the district’s modified Scope and Sequence for their courses. Our Advanced Placement teachers are using the tools from the College Board to get students ready for AP Exams.

To get more information on remote learning in Science, please visit the PfISD Remote Learning Platform.

Robert Quarles, Science Department Chair

Marisa Ramos, Instructional Coach


Pflugerville High School CTE has uploaded all scope and sequences to the Remote Learning Website. This will be the guide for assignments. Teachers have been uploading Google Classroom assignments. We encourage all students to access their Google Classrooms and to communicate with their teachers.

As for now, we are trying to keep students engaged in their education. We focus on real world tasks and this is no different. Remote Learning is new to your children, as well as yourselves and us. It will be a challenging task but it is feasible. First, keep yourselves and your children safe and healthy. Encourage your children to view their Google Classroom for assignments and contact their teachers with questions.

We are here for one another.

Christopher V. Riola

PHS CTE Department Chair

PHS College and Career Update

Good Afternoon PHS Families –

I hope that you are staying safe and healthy during this time. My thoughts are with all of you as we navigate this difficult time. Below, you will find some helpful tips and tricks that may help navigate all things College, Career, and Military.

PFISD Virtual College Visits (All Students) – We have now set up Virtual College Visits for any High School student within PFISD. During these visits, College/University Admission Representatives will provide information regarding admission, financial aid and scholarships, housing, student life, and other great information about their institution. Please sign up for the presentation you would like to see by visiting this website. We will send reminders and the link to join the virtual meeting as we get closer to the actual presentation. All PFISD students are welcome

College Application Presentation – Mr. Howell will be hosting a College Application Presentation on Thursday, April 16th from 6:00 – 7:30 PM. Any PFISD High School student is welcome to attend, but must sign up in advance via this Google Form. It can also be found by visiting this website. We encourage you to join us for Tips, Tricks, and Best practices to the College Application process. If you have any questions about this presentation, please email Mr. Howell at

College Enrollment (Seniors) – If you are planning to enroll in a 2 or 4 year college during the Fall of 2020, please visit this website in order to make sure you are staying on track to enroll.

Scholarships (Seniors) – Many local Scholarship Opportunities have extended their deadline by a week or more. Please visit this website to continue your scholarship process. If you need a High School Transcript, Letter of Recommendation, etc. Please let Mr. Howell know via email. The Lion’s Club Opportunity. You may scan all local scholarship documents to Ms. Margarita Gonzalez ( She will submit them to the correct scholarship.

Scholarships (Juniors) - I encourage you all to start looking at scholarship opportunities if you are able. The College Board Opportunity Scholarship & Raise Me Scholarships are great ways to get a head start on scholarship opportunities Junior Year. I also encourage starting an account with Fastweb, College Green Light, and Red Kite. These three Scholarship search engines are free opportunities for scholarships.

QuestBridge (Juniors) – I encourage all college bound juniors to apply for the College Prep Scholars Program (Deadline April 21st). This is a great opportunity to get a leg up on the college search process and possibly have your entire education paid for.

Scholarships (underclassmen) - Raise Me Scholarships is an opportunity for anyone 9th grade and up. You can earn money for college by completing certain steps. Please keep in mind that not all colleges accept these. However, quite a few do!

Financial Aid (Seniors) - If you have received a Financial Aid package from a school, please contact Mr. Howell. He can assist you with understanding what your out of pocket (loans, etc.) costs might be and how to make it work for your family.

Career/Internship Information (All Families) – If you plan to head into the workforce after graduation, take a gap year, or are looking for an internship opportunity while in high school….Please reach out to Victoria Leonardo with Capital Area Workforce Solutions. She has graciously agreed to help our families find out more information. She can also help any member of your family looking for job opportunities.

Virtual Meeting (All Families) – Thank you for those of you that have already signed up for a Virtual Meeting with Mr. Howell. He is here to help your family with any College, Military, or Career needs. To sign up for a visit, please visit http:/// These meetings are conducted via Zoom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Nick Howell

College and Career Advisor

Pflugerville High School

Office: (512) 594-0527

Google Voice: (512) 763-2415

PHS CEEB Code: 445500

Who wants those ABTASTIC ABS??? From our amazing Dance/PE Coach Dianna Martz

I think we all actually want ABTASTIC ABS, but sometimes it seems almost impossible to make those muscles visible! Sure, six-pack abs are nice. But abdominal strength and endurance means much more than sporting the six pack. Developing your midsection has positive benefits when it comes to daily function, sports performance and physical health such as reduced back pain, better posture, improving balance, as well as building functional strength.

How can I get those strong ABS??

Don’t forget that working your whole body will help build core strength. Include cardio activities, weight training and HIIT like training to incorporate a variety of exercises for the core! Eating right, drinking the appropriate amount of water daily and getting enough sleep aids in muscle strength and development.

What exercises can I do to help develop those ABS of STEEL?

Include some of the following exercises in your daily workout routine and you will start to notice results!! Remember having correct form is essential, so make sure you are not rushing through them!

Try picking 4 of the exercises below and do each one 25 times….BOOM that’s 100 ab reps!!

Your goal is to do this every day!! You will see results and find that your balance improves!

  • Mountain climbers (hands and one foot on ground switching feet at chest)
    • or any such plank motion
    • Cross it under
    • Plank jacks
    • Spidermans (knees up to outside of elbow)
    • Lift a limb plank…arms/legs in opposition
  • Stationary planks elbow or hands
  • Burpees or any in out action of the legs in a plank position
  • Leg raises
  • V-ups
  • Hold banana—hold in a hollow body position
  • Hold a V sit
  • Any form of crunches—change up the leg position to keep it interesting
    • Butterfly
    • Knees bent
    • Knees bent with feet in air
    • Knees bent feet together
    • One leg up and switch
    • Both legs up and straight reach for the toes
  • Full sit ups—add weight
  • Flutter kicks big and small
  • Scissors
  • Russian twists feet up or on the ground—add weight or none

Take advantage of your time at home to have fun and get in great shape!

Helping your child with self-advocacy

Self-advocacy is the ability to speak up for what you need. Being a good self-advocate can help you child academically and socially. You can help your child develop the skill of self-advocacy at any age, but its good to start early. Check out this article.

The Importance of Self-Advocacy


Ana Bowie, LMSW

Pflugerville High School

School Social Worker


Google Voice

Parents, Pflugerville ISD has temporarily provided Google Voice for teachers and counselors. They will be using it to connect with others by voice or text; however, their number will be different than their office number at PHS. Please be aware that calls and messages from PHS may come from other phone numbers.

BrightBytes – survey for ALL students and parents

Dear Pflugerville High School Campus Community,

We are partnering with BrightBytes, an educational research organization, to learn more about you and your students’ technology access and use for learning.

The goal of this project is to gather data on technology access, skills, and your school’s technology environment, in order to understand the connection between technology use and student achievement.

Our data collection window is set to run from March 30 - May 27, 2020.

Each school is assigned three unique Technology and Learning Questionnaires. There is one designed for teachers and administrators; one designed for students, and one designed for parents.

Your questionnaire links are listed below:

Your participation and support is important to us and will make the difference between having a complete understanding of our school’s technology use versus a limited one.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Victor Valdez, Chief Technology Officer

Kathryn Ives, Director Integration Services