Freshman Year

Welcome to the big leagues

Everything English

Welcome to your freshman year! I am Gabrielle Mitteff, and I was a student of Mrs. Allen’s Honors English 9 during the 2015-2016 school year. I’m not going to lie. This class isn’t the easiest, but it is definitely the most fun! There is lots of reading to do, and many types of different books to read. So, if you love reading, you will love this class! Even if you aren’t a huge fan of reading, the books that Mrs. Allen picks draw you into them and make you fall in love with the reading. You also get to pick some of the books you read. Furthermore, there are many projects! So, be prepared! This was even a project! Haha. Then at the end of the year you will get a taste of poetry, and learn to become a poet yourself.

English Units!

Throughout the school year you will go over at least nine different units. You will read an abundance of books, indulge in Shakespeare himself, and write poetry. These units include:

  • Speak

  • Unwind

  • Romeo and Juliet

  • Poetry


This book was my personal favorite. It is a non-prose novel, meaning it is not written in chapters like a conventional book. This is a more realistic read. The main character is in a shadow of constant fear and worry. She was at a party and most, if not everyone, was drunk. The proceeds to tell of a rape leaving her speechless.


This book was a really good book!! It is about teenagers. Unwanted, unintelligent, useless to society, other than their body parts. You will find yourself wondering: how could they do something like this to their own children because they struggled? Well, not only the "bad" ones shipped off. There are good ones which are unwound too, but they see it as an honor, a gift to God himself.

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet was a rather long section, but it was worth it! In this section you will read the entire play by Shakespeare. Along with the reading you will get to watch videos of what it would've looked like in the time the play was written. Then you will also get to watch how it would look in modern time. Even if you aren't into the whole love story you will still enjoy it because there is much battle to have!


This was the best section of the year and it happens to be the last one you do. Mainly because it isn't Mrs. Allen's personal favorite, but it was mine! This section is very good for those of us who have an ugly secret or aren't keen on talking about our problems to other people. Although you have a partner to run ideas by, anyone reading your poem or viewing it other than Mrs. Allen is at your discretion. You will learn a lot about your peers from their poems. Some can be sad, serious, and terrifying. While others can be happy, peaceful, and heart warming. Emotion is always easiest to work with!

Independent Reading Assignments

The one characteristic I love about Mrs. Allen is every energy. She is always running around, singing, and helping to make our lives easier! One way she makes your lives easier will be through independent reading. Although it may seem harder, because you have to chose a book you might not even want to read, but Mrs. Allen will not allow that! She always makes sure you are enjoying your book. I loved this, because sometimes you won't like class books you have to read, but with this you get to chose any book you want!

My Favorite

All around I loved this entire class, but my all time favorites would have to be either Romeo and Juliet and Poetry. If you were to ask Angela Prestopine you would understand just how into the unit I was. If I wasn't yelling at the screen I was yelling about how stupid so and so's decision was. Then poetry was just truly amazing. I think I finished my poem two weeks before it was due and it was a great way to get out all the feelings you aren't willing to talk about to other people.

My not so favorite

If I were to not like something in English it would be all of the projects piled on top of each other. It was not an unbearable amount of work, but sometimes it was hard to understand what to do for each specific project. But even then Edmodo would save the day, so I can't really complain.

My advice to you

If you want to have a successful year in this class the biggest thing is to stay organized! Trust me, I know from experience. The worst is when you have to dig in the recycling bin, because you threw away a paper you were supposed to turn in and you are praying that it is still in there. Also, you need to stay on task. Make sure you are turning your stuff in and getting it done before it's due. Don't listen to "If it ain't due today, it ain't done today" @ Lucas Olcott.

MY top 5: Making Mrs. Allen Laugh

The following bullets will teach you how to make the happiest teacher alive even more happy.

  • when you are on your chrome books pull up the song "Stereo Hearts" by Radiohead and as you are having a jam session starting yelling out the poetic devices in it.
  • Talk as monotone as possible when reading out loud @ Gavin Miller. Unless it is Romeo and Juliet then you must USE PASSION @ me and Alisa Fracul.
  • Talk to her about your books. Tell her everything you love and everything you hate. She will never back down from changing your perspective.
  • Crack a joke about something English like


teacher: "If can't is the contraction for can not, don't is the contraction for?"
student: "doughnut"

  • have that one kid that everything is humorously blamed on @ Anthony

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