Digital Dossier



My dossier is well kept I've always looked at privacy settings and terms very well and i hate selfies because if you search up someone's name you will definitely find a picture of that person. You wont find much execpt a facebook account or a few empty myspace accounts anyways. But I am fully encrypted (funny way to say that people do not put pictures of themselves)
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^^ Me hiding under a key ^^

I am not found anywhere, fully "encrypted" people are very secure and lurk the inter-webs anonymously. I think in the future It will be the same except 2 or 3 pictures (maybe a group photo and a profile picture, not much. But when I began to use the internet and well, I did not have any sort of camera until 2012. I have a pretty clean internet "citizenship" I mostly watch videos, Play games, and maybe buy stuff off a shady Chinese merchant (weird names like "" and more)
I've been in lots of places in the "world-wide-web" I sometimes actually forget where I went on the internet because I have disabled cookies and search/page history (hehe). It started when i was 5. My dad showed me funny dinosaur animations dancing to funny music or even to just listen to music. after I used Facebook to talk with friends and relatives (and skype). After that I was Playing video games on Steam and PlayStation.

*Below is the Digital Dossier video* I immediately report people that harm,harrass,hack, etc...

Youth and Media - Digital Dossier
Christopher "moot" Poole: The case for anonymity online

^^Ted Talks with mootykins^^