Mr. President

Project Based Learning Unit

OakRun Middle School

Eighth grade American HIstory students are embarking on their third PBL unit for this school year. The task for this assignment is to design a national monument for one of the first 4 U.S. Presidents and create a commercial to highlight his success and promote the monument proposal. In addition, the students will create propaganda against the other 3 Presidents intent on displaying the weaknesses of their administration. .

Mr. President Entry Event

Students and parents can view our Project Launch at Nearpod using the homework code:


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PBL Essentials

Below are links to documents we use daily for the project. Students must be logged into their NBISD account to view them and only the clerks can edit them initially.

PBL comes to life

Look forward to seeing our PBL unit come to life with pictures of our students working during this process. Please facilitate discussion at home concerning the Mr. President project. We look forward to working with your amazing kids :)

Norma Cowan, Camilla Hubbard, & Phillip Jones

Will I Survive Pictures

These pictures are from our first PBL project the first 6 weeks of school. Students are shown collaborating, documenting websites on online citation machines, analyzing the project rubric, and presenting group constitutions to the class in a town hall meeting.
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