Wind Energy

By Julian Ramon

Pros of Using Wind Energy

  • clean source of energy
  • doesn't pollute the air
  • it is renewable resource
  • the wind turbines don't take much space
  • produces a lot of energy
  • farmers can make profit from the turbines

Cons of Using Wind Energy

  • It isnt to reliable
  • turbines usually function about 30% capacity
  • you can end up without power for a while
  • threat to wildlife
  • unsafe for people that live near them and the workers
  • bad storms and very high winds can break the turbines


What I think about using wind energy instead of other resources? I think using wind energy would be way better than using fossil fuels. First of all it does not pollute the air I breath. It would be like impossible to run out of wind. Wind energy is unlimited, unlike fossil fuel. It might not be the prettiest but wouldn’t you want to be able to breath clean air. Instead of polluted nasty air. Or do you want to kill the planet you live on and later on your kids and grand kids live on. I am totally for wind energy all the way.


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