Invent Learning Hub News - January

Stay informed during our amazing journey! Opening fall 2019

Mission: ILH uses personalized learning and design thinking experiences to grow collaborative, entrepreneurial problem-solvers who leave ILH with an individualized post-secondary success plan.

New Staff Members Join the ILH Team!

We are so excited to announce that the ILH Leadership Team has been established! Next month we will be sharing more detailed information about each team member, but ILH has a committed team of 5 talented educators. Joining the Executive Director, Aleicha Ostler and the Director of Academics, Gabriel Surface will be Magali Torres, Penny Inskeep, and Rachel Chambers! Magali will join the team full time starting next week as the Director of Community and Operations. Penny and Rachel are doing contract work for the school this semester and next year will join the school full time. Penny will join as the Director of Special Programs. Rachel will join as the Director of Culture. We are so excited for this dynamic team. Please look for more detailed information about our team next month.

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ILH Leadership Visits St. Mary's Child Center

ILH Leadership visited St. Mary's Child Center this week and came away very inspired by the Reggio Philosophy. It was exciting to see authentic learning experiences taking place based on natural interests the students had day-to-day. One example was a class that had construction taking place outside of their window. This then turned into a full project where students had presentations from the workers and explored building their own projects. Another was a class that had an ant outbreak which turned into a full study of ant colonies. This picture shows a room full of repurposed items teachers use for art work and projects. ILH would love to replicate this type of space for teachers. It is always great to see other educators doing inspiring work!

Important Updates

  • Watch for upcoming dates for an opportunity to help spruce up the school grounds! We are so excited to bring this building back to life!
  • We will close on the building soon and four months of construction is planned to start immediately.
  • ILH has hosted several family nights recently at their new school location and McDonald's Twin Aire. It has been great to see so much interest in our school model. Seas are filling up quickly. To fill out our enrollment interest form click here.
  • ILH is currently working with IPS to determine if they will enter into an innovation school partnership. If so, this would mean ILH would enter into contract with IPS for potential services and become a part of the IPS network of schools. This will not impact the ILH model or our commitment to serving the Southeast community through our unique model. This partnership would only open up opportunities for the school, but not change anything about our current model or plan.

Invent ReINVENTS School 20

The ILH team is excited to have a home for our grand opening! We will be located at what used to be IPS Otis E. Brown School 20 on E. Pleasant Run Parkway S. Dr. Interestingly, our ILH Founder, Aleicha Ostler spent the first two years of her teaching career at this building. She also spent one year there as principal while SUPER School 19 was being renovated. The staff is excited to take a building with great bones and bring it back to life for the community! This building is situated in an area that allows ILH to serve Twin Aire and the entire greater Southeast community. ILH intends for the school to become a thriving community hub.

ILH Leadership at School Site

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ILH Plan Transportation Routes!

ILH recently met with Miller Transportation to set-up a bus route for the Southeast community! We are committed to serving our Twin Aire stakeholders and several satellite stops will be provided in the area. Our bus route will cover the most Southern point of the IPS Southeast boundary all the way north of Washington Street. ILH is working to target areas where students are underserved. It is ILH's goal to communicate their building location very soon so that families can make the most informed decisions regarding school choice for the 2019-2020 school year.

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Important ILH Events

ILH January Board Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 9th, 5-7pm

1849 East Pleasant Run Parkway South Drive

Indianapolis, IN

ILH February Board Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 5-7pm

1630 North Meridian Street

Indianapolis, IN

Southeast Neighborhood Congress Meeting

Thursday, March 28th, 7pm

1849 E. Pleasant Run Pkwy S. Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46203