Garrett Wendling

Avon High School Class of 2016

In One Paragraph Introduce Yourself and Sell Yourself to a University or Colege

Hello, my name is Garrett Wendling, I'm a high school student at Avon High School. I live with my mom and two sisters, so I've basically been forced to learn how to be respectful. I'm also a very bright minded individual, i'm able to think about things in different ways than most can, I also have great skills of perception, especially regarding people. With proper time and resources I am able to solve any problem I may face.

Envision Yourself Near the End of a Fulfilling, Lifelong Career and You Just Published Your Biography, Share the Title and Introduction in One Paragraph

Well, I would have to call my biography, The Other Way. I would call it that because, I always like to do things, no matter what it is, differently than other people would've done it. So far I have chosen unconventional methods on the road to my career, which is an aviation mechanic. I always had a love for aviation, ever since i was a kid. I live ten minutes from the airport, so I could always hear and see the planes overhead landing and taking off. Through this observation i would wonder, "how does something so big, fly through the air."

Imagine Being Able to Join a Conversation Between Two People, Living or Deceased, Identify the People and Topic and Express What You Would Like to Ask and Learn From Them

Personally, I would like to be in a conversation with the two most important world leaders of today, so Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin. I would like to talk with them about all the things that are currently wrong in the world today, or at least what I consider wrong. For one I believe that people today are given way too much slack, especially those performing horrible acts under religious devotion, aka. Terrorists. I also believe that at least in the US, that the individual gets more special treatment than the population, and whats good for the individual is not always good for everyone else.

Describe How You Will Use Your Education to Achieve Your Personal and Professional Goals

My personal goal in life, is to succeed, even against all the odds I face. To succeed in the world today, you need a career, and a well paying career at that, and to get such a career you'll need a higher education. That's why I've started taking college classes for my career choice early on. As a high school student, I was able to enroll in classes that lead me on the road to my career, and for free too. I think that if I stay on this road and power through, I will be able to succeed in my career, therefor succeeding in life as well.

Describe a Specific Accomplishment or Experience and Its Influence on You

Well, one of the most worth while experiences I have had was getting my first job. I first started working at Popeye's Chicken, which gave me a pretty good feel of how work will be when i'm older. It also showed me what I didn't want to do for the rest of my life, working in fast food is probably one of the most frustrating and repetitive jobs out there. I couldn't even work there for a whole year before I lost my cool, and I lasted a lot longer than a lot of others did. It wasn't my proudest moment, but working there definitely taught me many values and lessons.

Explore a Moral Dilemma You Faced and How You Dealt With it

Probably one of the biggest moral problems I faced, was involving my dad. He had a pretty bad addiction to pain killer medicine, among other things, but that was the biggest problem. He would always ask me for money and rides, so he could save money, which he barely had much of, so he would have enough for his habits. I would mostly agree with things demands, because I thought I was helping him in a rough time in his life. What I didn't realize, is that I was essentially enabling him, I was helping to allow his addiction to continue instead of pressuring him to get help. As I got older however, the truth of the matter became very apparent, I would make up excuses whenever he asked for help. It made me feel bad at the moment, especially since he used guilt trips, but it paid off. With no one to help him out, he hit rock bottom, no car, no job, no home. It paid off however, when he hit this level he became aware of the situation at hand. He saw what his addiction has done, and we went to a rehab center for help.

Evaluate a Risk You Have Taken, What Resulted and What You Learned From the Experience

I have taken several risks involving school, probably more than I should've. I've never liked school much, I always found it tedious and full of pointless classes. I like to get straight to the point of things, no beating around the bush. The school however has rules in place, that seem to suppress that way of thinking, you have to take several classes that will never apply to real life, classes that you'll never need in your career, and classes that make the work so tedious that I lose interest. I realize school is important and necessary, I just wish that they'd be able to work with me on it. So yeah, I've taken a lot of risks in school, by not showing up, not doing work, and almost never studying. So far its paid off, its given me less stress on the matter, and I haven't failed a year of school yet, but I believe it won't work forever.

If You Could Go Back and Change One Day in Your Life, What Would You Change and Why

It would probably be the day I first started playing video games. Video games have essentially ruined a large portion of my life, but I do know it was from my own doing. My addiction to video games made my childhood hell, I began ignoring my friends who were outside playing, while I was playing games, and eventually the stopped asking. At times in my life, I can remember not having anyone I could call a friend, and at that age I think it really effected me in some way, a bad way. I became anti-social, very anxiety filled, and at the time I didn't see the problem. Whenever I think back to that time, if I could change anything, It would've been my choice to play video games. If I never started playing them, I believe I would be a whole different person, the question is though, would i be a better person than I am now?