Created by Destiny Stevens and Blake Kazadi

A wetland is an area of land covered by water, either salt or fresh water.(Marshes, ponds, the edge of an ocean or lake, low-lying areas that are always flooded) are all considered wetlands.

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  • Invertebrates live all or part of their lives under water, such as mosquitoes and dragonflies.
  • Amphibians, such as frogs, that feed, breed and hide from the hard winter weather in the water.
  • Reptiles, such as water snakes, that eat any other animal that lives in the water.
  • Mammals, such as muskrats, that feed on wetland plants and use them to build


Wetlands exist in all kinds of climates, you can find Wetlands along coasts and inland. You should travel to a Wetland during Spring and Summer.


Plants in Wetlands vary from tall grass to small roses some of these are

  • Oxe Eye Sunflowers
  • Swamp Rose Mallow
  • Copper Iris
  • Arrow Arum
  • Little Bluestem
  • Wild Rice
  • Golden Alexanders
  • Softstem Bulrush
  • Greater BurReed


Some locations near wetlands are DisneyWorld in Florida. Also in New Orleans there are a lot of interesting wetlands which you can find many different things
This video shows phalaropes spinning on the surface of the water. They do this to create whirlpools that draw invertebrates to the surface of the water to eat.
Phalaropes Spinning