Andrea Palladio

By: Jack Heaps

Andrea's Early Life

Andre Palladio was born in Padua, Italy, a northern city in Italy on November 30th. He moved to Vicenza, where he spent most of his life and he joined the guild of masons and stonecutters. He got his training from Giangiorgio Trissino. Trissino gave him his humanistic design. While he was working on a project with his guild he recognized Andrea's ability and brought him into his home and taught him. His Goal in life from when he was very young was to be an architect and he achieved that goal. He had a very capitalistic mind in making sure he gets his moneys worth on the work.

Andrea's Architecture

Andrea's works, built off of the romans and greeks, used proportion and symmetry and is thought to be one the most significant architect of all time because of his contributions design.

Villa Rotunda

Palladio's Villa Rotunda was one of his most renown works. It was built in Vicenza, Italy between the years of 1567-1570. It still stands today and offers tours daily. The absolute symmetry of the design was unusual in Palladios style of villas. I find this piece so interesting because it was different from all the architecture at the time. Also it was completely symmetrical on all sides. The statues on the build and the integrity of his design show his humanistic sense.

The Four Books of Architecture

Later in Andrea palladio's life he wanted to teach upcoming architects so he wrote the The Four Books of Architecture. The books were named I quattro libri dell'architettura. Palladio founded an architectural movement which takes its name from him, Palladian architecture.


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