NEDP Daily Buzz

April 29

It's Adopt A Pet Day!

Many members of our NEDP family have been privileged enough to welcome adopted pets into our lives and today we celebrate them. We hope that you have a fun time watching our videos.

Paula's (Broadmeadow) Dog Buster!

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Allie's (Newman) Kittens

Allie with her kittens

Corey's (Broadmeadow) Cool Pets

The lab’s name is Hammond, the border collie’s name is lily, and the cat’s name is Dexter. Interesting fact about lily is that she can be told to find specific items and will fetch them. She’s even been known to gather my mom’s chickens when asked.
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Eagle Cam!

They may not be pets, but they are amazing animals. Mary (Sunita Williams) passed along this link to a live eagle cam.

Pet Fashion Show!

Cameron (Broadmeadow) recently had a fashion show with her dog, Dempsey. So cool! Does your pet like to dress up? Show us! We would love to see all of your animals.