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In 1870-1889 the railroads were being built and when the railroads were finished it opened North Dakota for settlers to travel here fast and easy. North Dakota had become stretched all over with railroads. The Northern Pacific railroad was the first to be built in North Dakota. More and more settlers entered North Dakota because of railroads. Railroads provided transportation when taking wheat from the Red River Valley and brought supplies to the settlers, railroads definitely "made" North Dakota.


- railroads made long distance travel and the transporting of bulky goods easy and fast

- the industrialization process is quickened because of the transport of coal and raw materials at a cheaper cost

- safe method of travel and it protects passengers from sun, precipitation, etc.

- if more supplies need to be transported you can add more wagons


- it costs a lot for the construction of railroads and their maintenance

- short distance travel and little amounts of goods is unsuitable and uneconomical

- railroads cannot be constructed in rural areas


Richard Travithick invented the first steam engine that carried 70 men, 10 tons of iron, and 5 extra carts


Railroads impacted North Dakota because railroads were the main source of transportation for people to get to North Dakota. Railroads practically made North Dakota what it is today. If there wasn't any railroads to bring people to North Dakota then North Dakota might not have ever been industrialized.


Railroads were important to settling the west because they were the one of the fastest travel methods. Railroads helped settlers get to the west quick and easy. The railroads also could hold many passengers and carry a lot of cargo. Railroads helped settlers travel across an area safely and securely. Railroads also protected passengers from Indian attacks.

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