Texas Tech University

By:Christian Romero

Background and school vital statistics

Texas Tech University is located at Broadway and university Avenue Lubbock,TX 79049,it was founded in 1923 it is a public college the number of students attending to Texas Tech University are 28,632 students.

Admission Information

  1. Academic course selection
  2. Extracurricular activities
  3. Leadership experience
  4. Civic or other services activities
  5. Socioeconomic background
  6. Family educational background
  7. Special talents or awards
  8. Diversity of experience and background. The minimum SAT score accepted is a 1140.It is difficult to be admitted to that school because if you don't meet the admission requirements, you need to respond to essay topics on an application and submit up to three letters of recommendation.

Financial Information

The cost for tuition a year is a total of $9,308 the room and board a year is a total of $8,405 this school does offer scholarships and it does offer financial aid.

Majors Offered

The majors offered are
  • International law programs
  • and courses students may be interested in.The certifications offered are 104 masters , 56 doctoral , 53 certificate programs.
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