Guildford West Public School

NEWSLETTER - 2022, Term 1, Week 10

Principal Welcome

Principal's News

It has certainly been a busy term at Guildford West Public School! There has been great learning happening across the school which has been showcased in this newsletter. Enjoy reading about all the achievements of our students.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday break. I know many of our students and families are enjoying various cultural and religious celebrations at this time and it is a special time for our community.

Looking forward to seeing everyone back on Wednesday 27th of April.

Ms Weston


Support Unit News

We have had a fantastic start to the term in S Paterson. We have enjoyed engaging in STEM activities and exploring the different resources we have at our school. S Paterson used Spheros to create an abstract painting and used virtual reality headsets to visit different places around the world! We have also enjoyed participating in Life Skills lessons where we have learnt about values such as courage, cooperation and honesty. S Paterson learnt how they could calm their bodies using their five finger breaths.

Kindergarten News

Literacy Collective

Kindergarten has experienced a busy end to Term 1. Here is an insight to Early Stage One’s learning. In English, students have started to become explicitly exposed to 2 different sounds per week. The students have also engaged in rotational activities which look at sound introduction, decoding words, formulating words and sentences and matching pictures to the correct sound. Students have been engaged in hands-on learning experiences and use their creativity to practice their sounds. Here are some photos of students working on their sounds and completing their ‘Draw and Talks’ which are based on texts they have read or their families as that is our focus for this term in History.


Students have recently been learning about position. During class activities we have been looking at positional language and how to use this to describe the position of an object. Students have gone out on an adventure around the playground to locate objects and practice placing them in different positions. Students have really loved the hands-on approach to learning position through these experiences

Stage 1 News

Stage 1 have had a busy term of learning. In History and Walker Learning, we have been learning all about the past and present. We have explored how families, houses, schools, toys and games have changed overtime. We have enjoyed learning to play olden day games such as elastics and marbles. Here are some photos of students engaging in Walker Learning.

Across the stage, we have also been learning to draw self-portraits. Students have improved so much over the term. They have created portraits inspired by Picasso and Andy Warhol. Here is a self-portrait inspired by Picasso created by one of our Year 1 students.

Big picture

In Year 2, we have been writing our pen pal letters. Each class has been assigned a school and pen pal. We have been learning how to write letters and address the envelopes. Here is an example of one student’s letter.

Dear Rumaysah,

Thank you for writing that beautiful letter to me. My school is called Guildford West Public School.

I also love reading too! In my school we don't have different languages to do. We also have science but we don't have experiments and all that stuff but we DO have Art. I am 7 years old. I have a lot of friends at my school. How about you? I would love to know how old you are and we also do have P.E. but in my school we mostly call it sports. Does your school call it sports or does your school just call it P.E.?

I like summer and I LOVE writing. Do you like funny stuff? Well good! Because this is a funny thing that happened to me. So once I was just walking in my house then there were shoes on the floor and I saw them then I still tripped over them! It was so funny but I was brave and I did not cry and I didn't even have tears in my eyes.

I am very smart. I would love to know if you're smart too.

My favourite teachers are Miss B and Miss Chen. How about you? I would really, really like to talk to you much more!

Talk to you soon!

From Ayah :)

Stage 2 News

STEM Investigations

Stage 2 have been taking part in various STEM opportunities.

S2 Gillard and S2 Taylor have been exploring the range of resources in the STEM lab. Each week, our classes have been engaging with different robotics such as the Beebots and investigating the challenges each of the bots presented. We particularly enjoyed using their coding skills to direct their Dashbots to move through games and races. Everyone showed their competitive side during Dashbot soccer and were super keen to get our Dashbot to score a goal!

S2 Lidwell had the opportunity to discover how the Beebots could be programmed to move in different directions. Once we got the hang of coding the Beebots in the direction we wanted, we trialed programming the Beebots to move through various locations.

Big picture

Finally, S2 Barton have been given the challenge of designing their very own space rocket using recyclable items. We loved getting involved with the engineering design process and working collaboratively with their team. Everyone had the opportunity at the end to present their rockets to the class and explain each of their designs.

Stage 3 News

First Foot Forward

Stage 3 were fortunate enough to have First Foot Forward from Western Sydney University come visit and teach them about life beyond high school.

The workshop began with a presentation and Q&A of Western Sydney University and the different courses students could choose based on their interests. Students were very engaged as they listened carefully to the information in preparation for future opportunities.

Afterwards, students were given a glimpse of what a Design Course would entail through creating a bag for university students. Stage 3 were instructed to work in groups to consider the audience, functionality and pricing of their product. Students created innovative and unique designs!

Harmony Day & NDA

On the 18th of March students at Guildford West participated in Harmony Day and National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence (NDA).

Students were provided opportunities in class to explore the concepts of Kind Culture and Everybody Belongs. All staff and students were encouraged to dress in cultural dress or in orange, which symbolises both Harmony Day and NDA. Students and staff did not disappoint and together, Guildford West Public School took a stand against bullying and said NO WAY! Instead, we embraced cultural uniqueness and diversity within our school and wider community.

Tribe Leaders 2022

Well done to all students who gave it their best shot in their tribe speeches. Students in years 3-6 voted and we want to wish congratulations to this year’s Tribe Leaders!

CARPHO – Ayah and Zahed

DIPLO – Luke and Selina

TOKAY – Sihem and Mariam

The Tribe Leaders will be great role models for sportsmanship and responsibility.

This week the Tribe Leaders were introduced to students in K-2 where they have been getting to know them and have been showing them how to play safely and respectfully.

Zone Swimming 2022

This term selected students have had the opportunity to represent our school at the Zone Swimming Carnivals.

Well done, Luke, Brandon, Riona and Summer who helped Guildford West place THIRD! The students from Guildford West were competing against students from other schools in our area. Our students displayed enthusiasm and determination in all events throughout the day. Organisers commented on the excellent example set by our students, and selected Luke as the student displaying the best sportsmanship from all the schools present.

1st Place: Lidcombe Public School

2nd Place: Blaxcell Street Public School

3rd Place: Guildford West Public school

Well done! You have made us all very proud!

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